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Additional Videos and Reviews


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1776 or Bust (YouTube Reviewer) Quick Click & Carry Holster from JM4 Tactical: new size same great holster.


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Daily Caller - This Concealed Carry Holster Uses Magnets with Revolutionary Design.


Daily CallerThis Concealed Carry Holster Works Well with Just About Any Pants


Eyespy0099 (Youtube Reviewer) - Quick Click & Carry holster by JM4 Tactical 


 Great American Survival (YouTube Reviewer) - New HighRide Holster from JM4 Tactical


Great American Survival (YouTube Reviewer) - Quick Click & Carry Holster IWB by JM4 Tactical


Great American Survival (YouTube Reviewer) - EDC 7 Guns in 7 days and only 1 JM4 Tactical Quick Click & Carry


Guns.comGear Review: Quick Click & Carry Concealed Carry Holster by JM4 Tactical


Live4wild (YouTube Reviewer) - JM4 Tactical IWB Holster


Marsh912 (Youtube Reviewer) - JM4 Tactical Holster


Marsh912 (YouTube Reviewer) - JM4 Tactial High Ride Holster


Shooting Industry Magazine - 2017 New Product Showcase (pg 54)


Texas Outdoors Journal - Stuff for the Stocking (pg 60 & 61)


Texas Outdoor News - 22:05 of January 7, 2017 Podcast 


The Truth About Guns - JM4 Tactical Quick Click and Carry Small Holster: Gear Review


USCCA - Drawn to a JM4 Tactical Holster


Zenith Defense (YouTube Reviewer) - JM4 Roughneck and Original Quick Click & Carry


Zenith Defense (YouTube Reviewer) - One Perk of the JM4 Tactical Quick Click & Carry Holster