Why We Used Boltaron

As you well know, we just released our brand-new, molded RELIC holsters made from Boltaron polymer and Hermann Oak Grade A Vegetable Tanned Leather. But this begs the question from a lot of people, what is Boltaron and why did we use it instead of “the other” readily available plastic materials out there?
Well, that’s a good question, and one we’ve been hearing a lot since we released our new Reliable, Easy, Light, Individual, Carry Holster, also known as RELIC.

The Benefits of Boltaron:

Polymer Appendix Carry Gun Holster

Have you ever heard of Boltaron before? If not, don’t worry — you are not alone! There are plenty of folks who’ve been around the gun industry for a few decades, and it is a new term for them, as well.
Boltaron is a company based in the United States who manufactures polymer sheeting. They are like “the other” plastic sheets out there, kind of. But, only in that regard, meaning that what you get is a sheet that can be cut, molded, and formed into what you want. In our case, a RELIC Holster.
The similarities really stop there.
All in all, after researching for a long time the differences between the different materials out there, we concluded that Boltaron is better, and we only want to use the best possible products. It’s stronger, resists extreme temperatures better, and doesn’t get brittle at the bends. Again, Boltaron is just an all-around better material than “the other” plastic sheeting.
Here is an example from one of our unnamed competitors:

JM4 Tactical Leather Accessories

Another benefit of using Boltaron Polymer, is that we know right where it comes from, which isn’t always possible with “the other” stuff. Boltaron is made right here in the United States out of new material. Most of our competitors use that famous, cheap plastic that makes up most of the gun holsters people trust their lives too. These plastics are often made overseas in less than desirable locations.

What’s more, is that as the end consumer there is no way of telling if you’re getting new material or recycled stuff that’s not as durable.

Boltaron is just an all-around better material than anything else out there when it comes to forming holsters from polymer.

Is the other stuff good enough? Yeah, maybe. But why spend $700 on a gun just to stick it in a holster that may be made from cheap, Chinese, recycled plastic that has weak points and may melt in your car?

Our RELIC and Quick Click and Carry holsters are built right here in Texas, by American sourced and grown materials, by American citizen hands. Which would you rather trust your life to? Ultimately, the decision is yours, but to find out more information on our
RELIC Boltaron and Leather Holsters, click that link.