Why a holster is such an important decision and Why You Should Get A JM4 Tactical Holster

Why a holster is such an important decision:

You may have noticed that I mention holsters a lot…. we are a holster company, so I suppose that makes some sense right? But have you ever asked why this is such an important piece of kit? Most have likely not, because it is something that you “just get” because that’s what you do. But there needs to be a lot more consideration into the reasons why to get one and why you should choose one from JM4 versus others on the market.

Why do you need one?

This may sound dumb to most but think about it. Why do you need a holster? Most will say it is something to carry their handgun, which is more or less an accurate answer but in my opinion it is incomplete. If you are a person that goes to a range once a month, is it really something that you need to get? I would argue yes, but that is not its purpose being used only to hold your gun so you can use your hands to put up a target. A holster is so you can maintain your handgun for personal protection in daily carry. If you look back to the advent of the flintlock pistols being shoved in belts, there was a need to carry that concealable defensive tool where it was retained until it was needed, as well as protected your firearm from the elements (to some effect). If you are a follower of the late Colonel Jeff Cooper, his thoughts were it was more advantageous to have a rifle, but a handgun helps you get back to that rifle or take protection without walking down the street with an AR-15 which may draw attention.

Why a holster from JM4 Tactical?

As stated above, if you are going to carry a firearm versus lugging the heavy case they come in everywhere you go, you need to bring a good holster, and here is why. If you are using a holster, that means you are putting your life on the line by protecting yourself. Anytime that you are introducing a firearm to a situation it is likely going to result in a potentially fatal situation. If you are willing to do all of that, why on earth would you trust the retention or rapid draw of your weapon to a cheap or mass-produced holster? As I wrote in a different blog, kydex has some serious drawbacks as does using a holster that is built for a generic batch for guns, verses a leather one that fits your unique firearm like a glove.

Second is that these holsters are innovative, such as the magnetic retention. This offers many unique carry opportunities, as well as it enables the easy put on or take off of the holster. It has the added benefit of being able to place your holster on the steering column for easy access versus in a glove box. Again, you never know when you might need it.

Finally, the holsters from JM4 are made in Texas which supports an American company, not one that is mass produced overseas. With all the current events going on, that to me is extremely important not supporting companies who may not have the US or 2A rights in their core beliefs.

Author: Ian Bolser