What Does Every Day Carry Mean to You?

Ask yourself this simple question. Why or why don’t you carry your concealed handgun every day? Do you have a meaningful and fact-based answer? You should.

Many folks who only occasionally carry their concealed handgun have similar reasons. Here are the most common justifications. You may be able to relate to a few of these common justifications.

You have a workplace that does not legally allow you to be armed. Unfortunately, many people find themselves working for employers or in locations where carrying a handgun is illegal. If you are one of these gun owners, you have a few options. One option would be to ignore the laws and conceal carry. For many obvious reasons, this is not always the best option. A potential option would be to purchase a car gun safe. This way, with a good concealment holster, you can carry your firearm during day-to-day activities and your commute to work.

A barrier for some people that carrying a handgun is uncomfortable or that it is difficult to conceal the gun. Nearly every new concealed carrier experience these issues. Unfortunately for some, the only thing keeping them from carrying every day is a better holsterappropriate gun, or slight wardrobe modifications. Innovation over the last several years have made concealed carry more comfortable and safer. The new small and light, 9mm Springfield Hellcat, for example, has an 11+1 capacity. Pairing a quality holster with a purpose-built gun belt can make a world of difference in comfort and concealment.

Do you only carry when you ‘go to more dangerous places”? What criteria do you use in determining what is dangerous enough to require a concealed handgun? Places like schools, churches, and homes in gated communities have all been frequent places of violence. Looking at one location as safe can dull one’s situational awareness. An inability to recognize potential threats can produce unfortunate outcomes.

Do you think you will be more proficient and confident with manipulating and using your firearm if you carry it once or twice a month, or if you have it with you every day? The answer should be quite evident. By not having your concealed handgun with you daily, you are undoubtedly hindering your ability to use your firearm even when you have it with you.

The ‘some locations are more dangerous than others’ ideology is the impetus behind those who sometimes carry with them a round in the chamber and sometimes not. For the same reasons as above, this mentality is wrong. I would go further and say it is dangerous. If you only chamber a round when you go to dangerous places, do you clear the chamber when you leave? How do you keep track, and how do you know for sure without performing chamber checks throughout the day?

This system of carrying your firearm is exceedingly complex and confusing. It is also ripe for an accidental/negligent discharge, or not having the gun ready to go when it counts.

Lastly, maybe you do not carry every day because you took a basic class and stopped there. You may have some gun safety and fundamentals down, and then realize, there is a lot more to learn. Seek some follow-up classes to your state concealed carry requirements, if there are any in the first place.

Think about the reasons you may not be carrying your everyday carry gun (EDC) all the time. If you can, do what you can so you can have it with you every day. That may mean taking some classes or reaching out to trusted folks in the self-defense gun world to get advice on gear and guns.

In the end, do what you think is appropriate, but remember the stakes if you are unprepared.