Texas’ Advancement on Constitutional Carry

Further advancements in the hope of a Constitutional Carry Texas has progressed further towards reality. In Texas as many already know, a permit is needed for individuals who reside in the State to be able to carry a firearm. All around the country, we have seen this progress and pass from many States. Now we see that Texas is on the verge of becoming another State to join the list of passing Constitutional Carry within its borders.

House Bill 1927 would get rid of the previous law for anyone looking to carry who lives in the State. This bill would be effective for those who are not “prohibited from owning firearms,” allowing for a major win in the country for the Second Amendment in general. Having now passed the Senate with a win of “18 -13 margin along party lines.”

What does this bill mean for gun owners?

The bill now heads to the house for approval before it goes to the Governor’s desk for his signature. Once there and signed officially into law House Bill 1927 would allow for “individuals who are 21 and older to carry a handgun for the protection of
themselves or their families, in public places, in a holster without the requirement of a State-issued license,” which was relayed in a statement by a sponsor of the bill (R-Charles Schwetner).

Thoughts on a Constitutional Carry Law in Texas?

I have said this before when it comes to Texas, the State itself is “synonymous with Freedom.” I wholeheartedly believe that every law-abiding citizen around the country should have the opportunity to protect themselves and their family with a firearm if they wish. With this being said, I believe that Texas is making the right decision with the progression of this bill.


Author : Nicholas Torres