concealed carry

concealed carry

Is the USCCA Really Worth It? Pros and Cons

The USCCA, or United States Concealed Carry Association, is basically an organization that provides various services to their members in the gun sphere. They’re most well-known for their Self Defense Liability Insurance*, providing concealed carry insurance. If a member ever needs to defend herself against an attack, that member will usually be covered. Additionally, members …

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Should I Carry A Spare Magazine?

One of the most hotly debated topics in the concealed carry world is in regards to carrying a spare magazine. More specifically, if it’s worthwhile to carry an extra magazine or not. To be honest, there are pros and cons to carrying an extra mag. This blog post is laid out into two different sections. …

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Does The Perfect Caliber Exist?

The Fountain of Youth, Atlantis, City of Gold, the one caliber that is perfect for everything you need it to do. While the first three are myths and may not be able to ever be proven, with all of modern science, FBI statistics, and 1,000s of “professionals” explaining their position on YouTube … we should …

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Our Best 1911 Holsters

The iconic 1911 is a classic design with a long pedigree and a dedicated fanbase. There are about as many different brands of 1911 manufacturers as there are gun makers — along with an enormous selection of 1911 holsters. Our goal with this post is just to highlight our own best 1911 holsters, to help …

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