Dress Belt VS Gun Belt

One thing that all gun instructors tend to agree on is the fact that certain gear, like a holster and a gun belt, is necessary for anyone who carries a gun. Focusing specifically on belts this time around, the simple truth is that your standard strap of leather some might call a dress belt is just not sufficient to carry the extra weight.

This sadly knocks out the majority of belts in existence. And, even the belts that can sometimes be called “gun belts” are still not all that great. Many of them rely on gimmicks to create the strength that would be there if they just used high-quality components from the start. We can tackle that topic on a different day.

Not using a belt designed for carrying a gun is a less common mistake than it was years ago when I first started working in the industry, nearly a decade ago now. Still, if I had to point out a common mistake I see at the range or when talking to gun carriers, it’s that they’re not using the best gun belt they can.

Pros and Cons of Using a Dress Belt To Carry A Gun:


  • Looks nice
  • Is cheap
  • Holds up pants, trousers, or shorts


  • Is cheap
  • Can’t hold up a gun
  • Stretches out easily
  • Rolls outward under pressure
  • Sags downward under pressure
  • Wears out faster, causing a repurchase

Pros And Cons Of Wearing a Gun Belt:


  • Holds up pants, a gun, extra ammo, flashlight, med kit
  • Doesn’t stretch out
  • Doesn’t roll
  • Doesn’t sag
  • Doesn’t wear out
  • Buy once, cry once ( because a good gun belt lasts a lifetime)
  • Looks nice
  • Can be worn even without extra gear


  • Not cheap

It used to be difficult to buy a gun belt, but JM4 Tactical has made it as easy as pie letting you know exactly which size belt you need when you go to buy. It’s made for you and shipped right to your door so you don’t even have to leave the house.

Do yourself a solid, buy a good gun belt. Buy once, cry once. Once you do you’ll ask yourself why you waited for so long. How do I know? Because I carried a gun with a belt issued to me while in the state corrections officer academy. It was heavier duty than the belts you find at your local Wally World and it still sucked.

Once I made the switch there was no looking back.

Learn more about the JM4 Tactical leather gun belts when you visit that page.