Ready UP Gear Cleaning Kit Review

No matter if the weather outside is hot, cold, raining, or snowing, you can always find someone training in the elements. I find that there is still something to be prepared for when it comes to training in climates aside from a sunny day.

I have always brought something to clean my firearms just in case I get sand, dirt, or mud in my guns. Usually, it’s only a cleaning cloth, a solid brush, and some cleaning product and oil. I was looking for something more convenient and easier to carry around inside my range bag.

I wanted to organize my cleaning products better. I began to look for a kit that wouldn’t take up too much room and that I could use anytime I needed it. Convenience and minimal space in a range bag was something that I needed.

I have found that when it comes to looking for a solid kit that can fit the need for a convenient cleaning kit on the go, the Ready Up Gear Cleaning Kit provides the potential to be exactly what I need. First, I want to go over the negatives that I have when it comes to this kit.

After thoroughly looking through this kit, I have found that the only drawback is that it does not include a cleaning agent and oil. Given the case’s size, there is no room for either element to fit. For me, this isn’t too much of a deal-breaker.

I tend to use specific products for cleaning, but for someone looking to obtain a ready-to-go cleaning kit to have in their range bag, this could be potentially problematic.

On the outside, I will say the Ready Up Gear Cleaning Kit case is durable. It offers a hard shell on the outside to protect the kit’s contents and is easily opened with a zipper. Following this, when it comes to the kit’s contents, I find that this is pretty much everything someone needs to make sure their pistol is clean and ready to go.

Included are attachments for bore cleaning like any other cleaning kit, cotton cloths to wipe down your firearm, a brush head, neck extensions for the brushes, a handle, and a pick for the carbon. I find this to be the perfect kit for those who are training with their pistols.

Each attachment for cleaning can go directly into the handle if you do not wish to have the neck extensions’ length or if you lose them.

Will it work cleaning my rifle?

Overall, the kit can work with cleaning your rifle. You can clean everything that is extremely important to the functionality of the gun. The only thing that I can see not working in terms of cleaning your rifle is the barrel.

The extensions just aren’t long enough for you to properly clean the entire length of your barrel. The Ready Up Gear Cleaning Kit does not include the proper cleaning utensil for a rifle.

How does it fit within a range bag?

The Ready Up Gear Cleaning Kit fits perfectly within a range bag. Its small compact size allows for only the minimum and essential tools to be in the kit. I can easily fit this on the side of my range bag with my hearing protection and everything else, keeping it out of the way.

This feature is something that I find to be extremely helpful for me, especially since I like to bring more than one pistol to the range with me at one time.

Overall, I find the Ready Up Gear Cleaning Kit to be beneficial to my needs as someone who trains a lot. I find myself always getting my pistols dirty from the environment that I am training in, and this is something that I can take with me to help keep me on the range, allowing me more time to train.

I have to say, minus the lack of cleaning products itself, it provides the user, no matter who it is, to make sure that their firearm is performing at an optimal level required by hard use. If you ask me, “If it is worth having this in your range bag for those training days?”

I can say the Ready Up Gear Cleaning Kit is absolutely worth it.

Author: Nicholas Torres