Medical Training & Firearm Training

No matter where we are in the country, we always hear the
horror stories from individuals when it comes to shooting, whether at a range
or other places.

Individuals getting hurt on the range, whether it’s negligence through “flagging” another person or accidents through user error,
there is always something that can happen in the blink of an eye. I still hear
stories from the local range that I frequent that individuals were carted away
due to gunshot wounds inflicted onto them either by themselves or by someone
else. No one knew what to do when presented with these situations. I understand
that this can cause many people to freeze up. Not knowing what to do can cause
panic, adding to the problems the crisis has already caused.

Now when it comes to firearms
training, instructors are putting in the work with people willing to learn
through positive instruction. You can look online, and some classes range from
the basics to more advanced firearm techniques. Lessons are there to help individuals
gain a better perspective on the firearms that they are using and the possible
scenarios that they may encounter. Gaining a better understanding of something
such as a firearm could be the difference between an accident that you could
have prevented and injuries that could potentially end your life or someone
around you.

Now even with all the training
in the world, there is always the potential for something to happen. In a
perfect world, accidents would never occur, and everyone would be happy. That
simply is not the case. When it comes to firearms training, a certain level of
medical training would be beneficial to add to one’s list of skills. The military
teaches individuals basic life-saving techniques that could help someone,
giving them a fighting chance to survive until they reach proper medical

Allowing individuals to train
for such matters allows the firearms community to become safer for everyone. As
I said, accidents happen all the time, the world is far from perfect, and we need
to be prepared for anything that may come our way. Learning to apply items such
as tourniquets and packing wounds could mean the difference between life and
death for someone who has been on the unfortunate end of something unexpected.

– I highly recommend carrying some sort
of medical kit on you wherever you go in your car and even when you get to the
range in your bag. I tend to take a couple of tourniquets aside from the one I
have in my medkit. Included is a link to
a company that I use personally for all my medical kit needs.

Overall, I would say that
there is no such thing as enough training, especially when it comes to
preventing accidents and reacting to accidents when they occur. We see tons of
training facilities and instructors throughout the country that help
individuals hone their skills with pistols, rifles, etc. With that being said
about firearms training, there are plenty of facilities and companies that help
individuals address plenty of injuries that may occur.