Gear Review – Liberty Home Concealment Furniture

I was recently talking to another firearms instructor, actually he is a mentor of mine, and the conversation about the new influx of people suddenly being interested in firearms came up. The statistics that are coming out are showing that 2020 may be the #1 year in the number of NICS checks since the beginning of the program. My mentor said that his phone has been ringing nearly completely off the hook with people wanting both training in firearms use and information on how to go about getting a gun. He said:

“…you know John, with all this crazy stuff going on, people are really shook, and I tell them, got get your permit and I tell them how to go about it. Then we’ll get you all trained up. I’m so backed up by requests. I then tell them that when they’re ready to buy their gun, we can go over all that too and then I tell them to buy a safe to lock up their gun.”

His advice I think is valid. Every instructor has his or her own way of conveying what is important to their students. There are statutory obligations that some gun owners need to be aware of concerning the safe and responsible storage of firearms depending on where they live. For my mentor, his minimum advice, which is beyond any legal requirements for his area, is to get a safe and lock up your gun. Period. That’s not to say he does not advocate quick access boxes, whether they are “rubber button”, biometric, or mechanical…but, locked is his standard.

When I deal with students, I explain to them there may or may not be storage laws where they live. I explain to them what the regulations may be and where to find them. I discuss the moral obligations they have in keeping firearms out of the hands of children and disqualified persons. Then I tell them about how gun storage is a personal subject and I’m not going to tell them how they shall store their firearm, that is their business. I will continue by offering examples of many different types of storage devices, containers, safes, boxes, etc. I ask them what their needs are. I turn this into a dialogue. I usually save what I consider the best for last, concealment furniture, and offer that up as an option.

What is concealment furniture? If you’re in the firearms world, this subject is one that you’re probably well aware of. If you’re not, or are not familiar with these items, concealment furniture is a piece of furniture, artwork, or other decorative/utilitarian item that’s primary purpose is to conceal a firearm (or other item). The furniture or device would also serve another purpose, such as a coffee table that has a hidden compartment. Or a piece of wall art that opens to a storage area. The main objective is to keep your firearms secured secretly while still being readily available, remaining out in the open.

When I was looking for different types of examples to share with my students, and really anyone that wanted to talk “gun stuff” with me, I stumbled upon a company called Liberty Home Concealment. After a few experiences with Liberty Home Concealment and an opportunity to test their products, some of what I love about their company can be extracted right from their “About Us” page:

“Liberty Home Concealment is a family-owned and operated furniture manufacturer located in southern Missouri. We strive to provide our customers with affordable, yet high quality concealment furniture options. All our products are proudly made in the United States with US sourced materials whenever possible. Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our products or the customization of any of our items. We look forward to being your go to source of concealment furniture and tactical home furnishings.”

They to really sum up who they are. Quality products. Made in the USA. And affordable. Not listed, great customer service.

In dealing with Liberty Home Concealment, you need not be shy. Their customer service is top notch. If you don’t see something that you want, you can reach out to them to discuss custom projects. For some of their products, you have the option for full customization, giving them direct input of what you want on the item, with a minimal up charge for this offer.

Some of the items Liberty Home Concealment offers:

  • Coffee tables.
  • End tables.
  • Artwork.
  • Flag cases.
  • Picture frames.
  • Clocks.
  • Coat racks.

I had the opportunity to test out some of their products, an 8” x 10” picture frame, and a flag case. First, their products arrived in very well packaged containers. These items are both utilitarian but also art, especially the flag case. There was plenty of solid packaging to keep the items from shifting and they were all wrapped in foam packing material to keep the items from getting marred.

Both the flag case and picture frame are kept closed (“locked”) by magnetic child proof furniture locks. To a person not knowing what they are looking at, they are just seeing a picture frame or a wooden flag decoration. But the owner would know where to place the magnet to unlock the hidden compartments. If you’re looking for added security, there are optional RFID electronic locks that you can have your items outfitted with.

The 8” x 10” picture frame is designed so that it can be placed on a table/surface or installed into a wall. While a little bulky looking, the design is not all that distracting to a casual observer if the unit is sitting out in the open. When mounted in a wall, cutting away the drywall, the frame looks like a frame. Using the included magnetic key, the user can unlock the frame and then they are able to slide open the face away from the storage compartment. High grade drawer slides are used to facilitate this action. Within the frame, users are greeted with high density foam, that can easily be cut to create a custom fit for whatever you may want to put inside. The 8” x 10” frame has ample space to house even some large frame semi-automatic firearms, giving 8” x 12” in area to work with.

The flag cases that Liberty Home Concealment offers are really cool. There are dozens of sizes and style configurations. As far as being able to show any guests or visitors your patriotic side, these cases deliver. The version discussed here is the “small” two compartment version, with a 13” x 10” compartment where the stars are. And 28.5” x 8” compartment where the lower bars are. Between the two compartments, an impressive amount of items can be hidden within. Full frame semi-autos, large revolvers, magazines galore, flashlights, use your imagination. There is one magnetic lock that keeps the small upper compartment closed. Once gaining entry and opening the upper compartment, you are able to open the lower section. The hardware used appears to be high quality cabinet hinges, not some cheesy plastic stuff.

If you’re like many gun owners, your needs are varied. When you need the accessibility of having your firearm stowed away in a drawer, but the security and the secrecy of what may be hiding in plain sight, concealment furniture might be for you. Throw in the optional RFID lock and you have an added layer of security. Mess up on cutting your foam or need another piece to change things up on the inside? Not a problem, they sell extra foam should you need it. After having a chance to put my hands on and test out these products, I can say they are impressive, and exactly what they advertise themselves to be, quality and cost effective. Perhaps best of all, made in the USA!

If you’re interested in Liberty Home Concealment and their products, you can visit them on the web at:

Or contact them:

6504 Old HWY 60
Norwood MO 65717
(417) 746-0355

John Petrolino is a US Merchant Marine Officer, writer, author of “Decoding Firearms: An Easy to Read Guide on General Gun Safety & Use” and USCCACertified Instructor, NRA certified pistol, rifle and shotgun instructor, living under and working to change New Jersey’s draconian and unconstitutional gun laws. You can find him on the web at
on twitter at @johnpetrolino
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