Carrying Your Sub-Compact Pistol

Carrying Your Sub-Compact Pistol – In my last blog, I talked about how to carry your full-size 1911 and made my recommendation  for which ones we at JM4 Tactical must fit that bill. But if you are like many these days, 1911 is so 1907…and you are likely carrying a newer firearm model. While the weather across the nation is currently hovering around freezing, and you can conceal bigger, there are some occasions where smaller guns are more beneficial for concealed carry. Here are some considerations and recommendations for your smaller pistols.

The first recommendation I have is to:

Identify how you intend to carry

While I am a HUGE proponent of having it on your person, usually somewhere on the beltline, bulky winter clothing can prevent a good draw, and some may choose to carry in a jacket pocket, or God forbid, a bag. Regardless it is imperative to have it in a quality retention holster to prevent the firearm from entangling in debris, extra clothes, pocket change, or keys. As you don’t have it retained on a belt, the magnetic holsters we offer really shine compared to Kydex or belt models as they will retain the firearm and can be used to affix it to the bag or inner pocket lining.

Why would I recommend that route? If you intend to carry in mostly colder weather, I recommend the Roughneck or the Original, especially if carrying on the waist. If your jacket is typically longer than the waistline on the belt, and a higher sitting holster will be even harder to draw your firearm. If you are in hotter climates and carrying a sub-compact, look more towards the High Ride as, especially in shorts, it becomes harder to conceal the bulge. Please note that the High Ride needs to be used with a solid belt, which is also sold here.

The other recommendation you should consider is that, like most smaller pistols, they have smaller magazines, meaning your firearm maybe a 5-10 shot versus a full size being 8-17 depending on models. Having seen people on various opiates soak up rounds despite mortal wounds, extra ammunition is so much better to have and not need than vise versa. As stated in my other blog, do not put them in a pocket, a purse, backpack, but in a designated place, such as a quality magazine pouch.

Finally, if you don’t know if magnetic is right for you because it is too new and you see if you can make that jump, there are many other options, such as the Relic Series lines. Specifically for sub-compact guns, this line is of outstanding quality and offers pretty good retention, but it does limit the seasons and outfits you can wear. Just be aware that most of them require a belt.

Author: Ian Bolser