What Is Your EDC?

In my previous blog,
I wrote about how to carry (open or concealed) and particular situations that
might dictate not being able, one of which is if you are in a place that you
are not allowed to carry. Due to the nature of my job, I am not allowed to have
a firearm on my person or in my vehicle. This, to me, is unnerving. Still, I am
religious about what I carry daily that I think will help me in an emergency situation.

A knife

I served under a General who had a particular set of rules,
one of which was always carrying a knife. Most places may not let you carry a
firearm, but a knife is permitted, pending the size. I do have a bigger fixed
blade in a bag, but on person may be too much. I usually carry a small folder with
assisted opening and is always kept clean, sharp, and lubricated. I have used it
for everything from staple removal, gutting a deer (everyday carry), and some
smaller camping use (kindling). Check your laws and business rules, but it is
an excellent idea if you can’t carry a pistol.


You never know when
that most primitive of capabilities, starting a fire, will be of importance. I
usually carry a reliable lighter on my person but have a secondary means in my
bag, like a flint and striker. I have only needed it a few times, usually for
melting cordage, like 550 cord, for other tasks, but good to have in an emergency.

Back up cash:

How many people carry cash on hand these days? With the
pandemic, paper money has become less desirable where I live, but it speaks a
lot better than a plastic card if there are issues with the machines. I also
carry some coins for phones (yes, payphones still exist) and usually a silver
dollar. The latter I have for luck, barter, or colloidal silver if I am hard


I usually carry one or two types, usually 550 cord, as I use
it for my boot laces and other things more out in the woods, such as traps,
fishing line, firewood sling, rifle slings, and one time as a sling. I also
have extra that my kiddos carry in some very fashionable bracelets.


So underrated, but this little square cloth has been tremendous,
as it has been used to stop a rough wound. It is a backup for my mandatory mask
at work, and it is great at wiping your nose. I have also used it as a sweatband
and a great way to cool down if you wet it and put it on your neck. If you
don’t have a first aid kit on hand, this is a great temporary solution.

Waterproof USB with information

I used to carry weatherproof paper with important
phone numbers, insurance, etc., but that was easily stolen, and I now opt for a
USB with all the documents I need. I carry it if I am stranded or something
happens to my phone (who remembers numbers these days). A USB device is small, has
considerable data amounts, and it is encrypted so that no one can access it without
my passwords.

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Author: Ian Bolser