What Does The AFPA Entail For Rest of U.S.?

The country is in a stir. Many different things are going on in the world, Country, States, towns, and even our own neighborhoods. No matter what they are, politicians have attacked the rights of the people, and we see that injustice against Americans is beginning to take shape in the form of words written down on paper. Circulation of these potential laws has already started to bring about responses from the States that aim to protect their citizens’ rights.

Alabama has stepped up to bat as the next State looking to protect its citizens’ American Rights. A Representative from the Mobile County district in the Alabama House of Representatives has introduced a bill that, if passed will, “protect Alabama citizens from any unconstitutional laws that would strip its citizens of their rights to own firearms.” The bill introduced is known as the “Alabama Firearms Protection Act.”

I find this extremely interesting when it comes to the protection of American Rights by the states. You see that representatives are introducing bills within a state to protect its citizens from an overbearing anti-gun federal government. States are looking at the long run in my eyes, and they find that potential Bills that President Biden could sign into law are detrimental to our rights as Americans in this country.

If passed, “this bill will apply to federal laws and regulations passed after January 1, 2021.” This statement would mean that if the Alabama legislature passes the bill, it will protect Alabama citizens from unlawful regulations regarding “ownership, use, firearms, etc.” Seeing this can bring about a new sign of life in the fight against unconstitutional laws passed by anti-gun extremists in the U.S. Congress.

I believe that this to be only the beginning of fighting to protect the American People’s God-given rights. We have seen States such as Missouri already pass laws against the enforcement of draconian federal gun laws. If this continues, I believe that this could be the beginning of the preservation of the 2nd Amendment that many individuals across the country are fighting for, allowing more states to follow suit and protect their citizens.

Linked at the bottom is the article of the statement from Rep. Stringer of Alabama

  Author: Nicholas Torres