The Importance of Testing Your Gear

I am guilty of
buying a really cool thing, be it a gun, holster, optic, knife or a bunch of
other “tacticool” gear that I slap on to a weapon, put in the safe and take out
once a year to the range. How do you know it will be there when you need it?
Just owning the gear, while cool to own, it is not good enough to just have it.
You need to know it intimately, in and out, whether you are wearing shorts or
winter garb that it will work. Here are some good things you should look at
when evaluating your gear.


I can’t stress this
enough, if it is uncomfortable to wear, you won’t wear or carry it, and therefore
it won’t be there when you need it, or you won’t be trained on it enough to use
it. Take my concealed carry holster. I could wear it all day, in any
configuration of clothing from business casual, to gym clothing or my hunting
attire. I know the Original holster from JM4 tactical is going to work and not
rub the crap out of me like other holsters I have used in the past.


If something isn’t
practical, off balance, or isn’t the right size, the odds of you wearing it or
using it are nil. This can range from clothing, shoes, bags or gear. Get
something that is customized and is practical for your application. If you wear
a suit everyday the shoulder holster should be a good fit. I also try and find
the right piece that is made for the specific task I need it for. Hiking boots
are not meant to be worn in the board room, so you cant expect a cheap holster
that is “universal fit” to work well for your firearm.


Combining the last
two to cost is important, because like most of you I can’t afford to waste
money on stuff that isn’t comfortable, or isn’t practical. The adage “buy once,
cry once” comes to mind often as I can remember buying cheaper gear because it was
all I could afford while younger, and how many times I have replaced it. My
1911 has seen 4 different holsters in the 12 years I have been carrying it,
most being relegated to a bin of miscellaneous gear in my garage because of the
first two. Combining what I spent on all of those holsters it is damn near half
the cost of the gun, which is crazy when you put it that way. Bottom line is
get a great piece of kit like a reliable holster ONCE, use it, train on it, and
use the rest of your savings on ammo….we all know how ridiculous that has got
these days.

Good shooting my friends.

Author: Ian Bolser