Keep Your Firearm Running!

Too often we see new shooters, and occasionally seasoned
ones, getting a new firearm that they drop big money on and skip on crucial items to keep their rigs running for their intended use. Frequently
manufacturers will only supply the minimum, a few magazines (if you are lucky),
but little else. Here are some things to look at when you get that new purchase
to make sure you can avoid the extra trips to the store.

One of the biggest
things people forget is most rifles, minus lever guns and some 22s don’t have
sights for the firearm out of the box. This overlooked expense that can result
in not being able to shoot that new firearm, or if the sights aren’t in stock
could be weeks to get them in. I would recommend looking at options beforehand.
This would go the same for bolt guns and not having the correct rings (1 inch
or 30mm is a difference…buyer beware) and not having a good scope. Another
something that is overlooked is magazines. While this is obvious for military
pattern rifles as that is how they hold ammunition, it is less intuitive for
some bolt guns. Nothing will ruin a hunt faster than having placed your loaded
3 round magazine in your truck to make it legal to travel, and forgetting it
after you have walked a mile, and now you have a single shot, or a no shot….
ask me how I know. It is good to get a few backup magazines. Other overlooked
items for the rifle are a good sling (hands free capability is awesome), a good
cleaning kit including bore snakes, and a solid bore cleaner and lubricant.

For handguns, there are a few other considerations aside
from what is mentioned above. First is a good quality holster for intended
carry. I usually have 1-2 holsters per pistol pattern as I might carry it
concealed or hunting, as well as I do have a few chest rigs. Second is holsters
for spare magazines, as like above stuff happens. For revolvers I would look at
speed loaders and holsters for them as well, as loose rounds in a pocket is
neither fast nor efficient. I would also
consider looking into night sights/High visibility sights as most pistols are
lacking in that capability if you ask my is incredibly important. If not both
sights, focus on the front sight post as most pistol shooting instructors focus
almost entirely on it for rapid target engagement. I would also recommend good
lubricant and bore cleaner for the pistol, and as stated above I am a fan of
bore snakes.

The last thing to look at is ammunition, which I have
written about before, but it is crucial. Having a pistol or rifle does not make
you an expert, and the only thing that does is practice, and lots of it. Your
firearm may love a certain type of ammo and fail to eject on others. Also, a
lot of firearms have a break in period of a few dozen to a few hundred rounds.

The purchase of a firearm is only the start, and it is
important to make sure you consider all of these bases so your new tool is
useable, carriable, and able to perform its best the minute you leave the store
with it.

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Author: Ian Bolser