Gun Buybacks: Worst Idea Ever

Yesterday I got an
email article about Tampa, Florida who was touting that they had bought back
over 1000 firearms and “got them off the streets” during a recent gun buyback
program. This to me is almost beyond comprehension as I watched the video,
seeing more of Grandpas shotgun or hunting rifle than I saw anything else,
which to me is way less likely to be used in gangland style shootings, which I
think might be the point of this whole thing?

Here is why these are so incredibly stupid, and why if you ever
see one coming up, you should contact your local pawn and gun, post it on an
online auction or sell it for scrap rather than participating in such an event.

First, every single one of those firearms, regardless of age
is worth more than what they were offering. Each person who brought one in got
$100 for their contribution. Even for the lowest priced budget Walmart shotgun,
you could get more for that on the market and it would still be in circulation
for those who would treasure it. This also means if I did my math right that
$10,000 in tax payer money was paid out to these people. To pay for the storage
and disposal of these firearms I would wager would triple that amount each,
plus marketing/advertising, overtime for the officers….this event easily topped
$50,000 if not $100,000 for a total of 1000 guns, most of which are likely to
be in closets, safes or generally not a danger to society. I personally would
rather see that money used in more officers on the street, better computer
systems, or meals for the homeless, but that’s just me.

Second reason that these programs are pointless is that
there is nothing that incentivizes people who might be criminals to turn those
in. Statistically, handguns kill more people than any other type of firearm, but
even a Highpoint which is better used as a boat anchor than a self defense
weapon, is much more than the $100 offered. What’s more is some of those family
guns are heirlooms, ones that provided for their families during the
depression, and now because of woke culture it its likely to be destroyed. My
grandfather used the same .22 rifle to shoot rabbits on his way to and from
school during the depression to feed the family, and I would be devastated if
my child who gets that rifle one day destroyed something that literally made
sure they could exist.

Third is that there is no evidence that these buyback
programs actually curb any type of gun violence. In fact back under the Obama
Administration, 82% of law officials reporting in said gun buybacks don’t work
in reducing crime. So, what is the point of spending all that tax money, and
the answer is it makes people feel good and gives the perception that crime
will be reduced because of it. It is fluff, feel good. And the people making
these events are less than knowledgeable about what is going on there, like the
man from Missouri who sold 3 scrap metal firearms for $100 each as seen in the
article below.

There are a ton of reasons why buybacks are a waste of
money, and even more reasons why you shouldn’t do them. If you decide that you
need to get a firearm out of the house, check your local gun shops, pawn store
or local firearms enthusiast (guys and gals like me) as we will legally buy it
off you, give you more money, safely secure it, and save you taxes from
frivolous governments with no clue on what they are doing.

Man sells junk guns to buy-back program, buys new gun with cash

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Author: Ian Bolser