Best Books for Shooters

There are thousands of “professionals” on YouTube, and even
more that have added their two cents on the topic of guns and shooting. It is
hard to fight through the chaff and get to some good nuggets with all this data
out there. I have been reading/watching and living the shooting life for over a
decade. With 12 of those in service to the country, teaching young recruits’ marksmanship, my kids how to hunt, and becoming a gunsmith. Here are some
resources that might help you in whatever aspect you are looking at pursuing.


There are a few books that really set me down this path.

First and foremost is Boston’s Gun Bible. By Boston T. Party. This book has an
excellent section on comparing battle rifles and some fascinating facts and comparisons
on handguns, rifles, and shotguns. While it is a bit dated, having been written
in the assault weapons ban through 2006 (revision), it is still on my shelf and
has some incredible knowledge.

Second, I would recommend the series by Outdoor
Life/Field and Stream, specifically Total Gun Manual and Shooting skills. They
are great books with many different ideas and some unique perspectives, with some
decent pictures. These books are especially good for beginners, but even
seasoned shooters can find something good.

Finally, I would recommend Prepper Guns by
Bryce Towsley. It is a great book that covers weapon consideration, pros, and
cons, and is well thought out, and has a lot of different theories, but has
sufficient evidence to support.

For more of a shooter’s concepts and practical (in my
opinion) shooting, I would suggest Jeff Cooper’s books (Art of Personal
Defense, Art of the Rifle) and Clint Smith Urban Rifle. Both authors are well-written
and great advice and are essentials for the serious shooter. I am trying to get
in some copies of other practical books (Guerilla Gunfighter), and if I do, I
will do a follow-up review.

Also, be sure to check out JM4 Tactical to change the way YOU carry!

Author: Ian Bolser