Best Movie Firearm Scenes

Best Movie Firearm Scenes – So for those of you who missed my previous blogs on the most ridiculous movies with firearms (apparently Rust should have made the list), I am doing a follow-up to provide the most accurate descriptions of firearms in movies. This was much tougher, and I had to really go through my movie knowledge and reach out to shooting buddies on which ones were the most accurate. Here are the ones I compiled.

Saving Private Ryan:

Having seen this movie in theatres as a younger kid, 13 at the time, this movie has stood the test of time for accuracy, especially with regard to the accurate depictions of firearms and their effects. Unlike many other movies, this shows very accurate, and gruesome depictions of what high-velocity metal-coated lead does to the human body, and unlike many action movies, it does not hurl the recipient several feet. The several scenes of people being hit and bleeding out is very accurate, as the rounds used in WW2 were a full metal jacket, so pass-through injuries were common. I would argue that the sniper scene through the scope is a bit of artistic license, but overall, phenomenally well done.

Lone Survivor:

A more recent movie depicts the struggle of Marcus Luttrell and his fellow SEALs in Afghanistan.  This movie is accurate with the weaponry, the effects, the ammunition, the optics (ACOG), etc. While I think that the suppressors may have also had that artistic license, it is not overwhelming. The bounding overwatch while engaging hostile fighters is accurate for tactics. For a lot of OIF/OEF vets, this movie can be harder to watch as it is very relatable, unlike Hurtlocker as mentioned in my other blog. Fantastic movie and a great story about real-world heroes.


This is an incredibly popular fight scene for many reasons. First, in my mind it shows the violence of action, taking control of the situation decisively from the onset. Robert DeNiro shows the need for extra ammunition before the invention of Molle pouches or great mag pouches like the ones sold on JM4 Tactical. While there is a judicious spread of ammunition (and I didn’t see reloading), it did demonstrate how glass can retain its form even when shot, that behind an engine block is the best cover, and that shotguns and pistols are ineffective when engaging bad guys with rifles. This was proved even more so in the real-world Hollywood Shootout in 1997 or Miami in 1986.


While the whole movie isn’t what I would call a hundred percent accurate, it does have a very realistic scene that as a concealed carrier you could face. Specifically dealing with that scene, where approached by a criminal with a firearm, Tom Cruises’ character pushes the perpetrator’s gun away while drawing from a concealed handgun, fires two rounds into the first threat from the hip at 3-5 yards and engages the second threat with two quick follow-up shots, with both followed up with shots to the head. While the latter two shots might get you some serious jail time, this scene was used in my concealed carry class, as well as it shows just how fast a situation can change. This goes back to my insistence on a good holster and training, training, and more training on drawing and engaging.

I would also mention Way of the Gun, 1917, and Band of Brothers amongst many of the others that got it right, what do you think?

What are your favorites?

Author: Ian Bolser