Our Best 1911 Holsters

The iconic 1911 is a classic design with a long pedigree and a dedicated fanbase. There are about as many different brands of 1911 manufacturers as there are gun makers — along with an enormous selection of 1911 holsters.

Our goal with this post is just to highlight our own best 1911 holsters, to help you narrow down your search.

Who knows, maybe we’ve got your pistol holster listed below.

1911 Magnetic Holster

Our magnetic holster lineup is what started it all for us, and what put us on the map, quite literally. It’s a groundbreaking design that uses multipurpose rare earth magnets integrated into the operation of the holster.

One purpose of the magnets is to act as a retention device. The magnetic pull is strong and they do a great job of retaining the gun in your holster.

The other purpose is to attach the handgun to your body. Since there are two magnets, they hold onto each other through your clothing, whether you’ve got one of our leather gun belts on or not.

These are leather holsters that make use of the highest quality leather you can find, sewn right here in Texas, USA.

The magnetic Quick Click and Carry leather 1911 holster is one of our best sellers, and everyone who owns one says they’d never use anything else for their prized Browning-inspired creation.

1911 Chest Holster

chest holster

Our 1911 chest holster is a relatively new addition and is a favorite among outdoorsmen. Hikers, campers, and hunters alike have taken to this holster like a fat kid in a candy store.

The Chest Rig is technically in our Relic lineup of holsters (which sews leather to the inside of Boltaron sheet).

The Relic Holsters are groundbreaking in design by themselves. When added to the chest holster it’s a match made in heaven.

If you need a 1911 chest holster for your Kimber, Colt, Remington, STI, Springer, and others, we’ve got you covered.

Simply push on the above link and input your selection, barrel size, color, and hand and we’ll get it sent out to you after it’s made to your specifications.

OWB 1911 Hip Holster

While the magnetic holsters can be worn anywhere on your waistline and could easily fit into this category, I’m thinking specifically about holsters that sit outside the waistband, or OWB, for this one.

A 1911 hip holster that comes to mind is our Two Step or our Lonestar.

The Two-Step is a 1911 pancake holster that sits perfectly between 3 and 5 O’clock for right-handed folks (and the opposite for you lefties). It’s available in black or brown and made from the highest quality leather you can find anywhere.

The Lonestar is another belt holster that sits OWB. Like the other holsters in the Relic line, we’ve sewn a soft, leather interior to a hard, formed, polymer shell.

Polymer 1911 Holsters

2011 holster

For those of you who require a molded polymer holster, we’ve got you covered there, too.

Our Relic Holsters are in a league all their own. As mentioned above, they take the highest quality Hermann Oak Leather and sew it inside a sturdy sheet of molded polymer called Boltaron.

Boltaron is very similar to Kydex in that it’s a moldable plastic sheet. There are key differences, however. For one, the Boltaron has a higher melt temperature. Because that’s a fact, if you were to leave your holster in your truck during a hot Texas summer, you wouldn’t have to worry about it losing its shape.

We have many different types of these holsters ranging from appendix carry to paddle holsters. Check them out, by pushing on the above link.

1911 Shoulder Holster

1911 Shoulder holsters are a popular option for people who carry a 1911 for self-defense. Our shoulder holsters are made from high-quality materials and are known to be the easiest to put on shoulder holsters available.

In fact, we’ve got a video showcasing a fella with one arm putting his on, here:


The 1911 pistol is a classic design and one that’s not going anywhere anytime soon and only seems to be increasing in popularity.

Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered if you’re in need of a 1911 holster.