Worst Movie Firearm Scenes

For those of us who shoot at least a little bit, it can be
more stressful watching a movie and knowing that something is totally wrong
when it comes to firearms. Here are some of the ones that have irked me for
years, and I would love to hear what they do for you.

Golden Eye: James Bond and other spy thrillers take some
serious liberal grace with their firearms. This liberal grace is evident in
this movie, specifically in a few areas. First is the suppressed Walther that
James uses, as it over-emphasizes the “silencer” capability. Unfortunately, it
is because of scenes like this and others that is why we still need to pay a
$200 tax stamp to the BATFE for something that could save my eardrums a bit of

Rambo: I will say that I love the series, but there are so
many fallacies in them it does make me cringe on just about all of them. While
I got to do some weapons training with the Danish Army (who have the new M60s),
we got a chance to try and fire from the hip and with one hand… let’s just say it’s
nigh impossible to be that accurate. From the ability to manhandle an M60 with
seemingly unlimited ammunition with a single hand (23 lbs. unloaded, the
average AR is about 7). If we look past that, Rambo seems to be amazing with
his bow as well, scoring kills at carbine distances, and enemies drop
immediately from that shot…. which is not like any game animal I have ever shot
with a bow. That said, there is a lot of entertainment value, but just don’t
watch the third one at the end with its dedication to the Mujahadeen in
Afghanistan….it didn’t age well.

Predator: I know, easy choice, right? With all the muscle
and use of amazing firepower, there is very little that is accurate. From the
weight of the weapons, the inability to accurately depict the firearms capabilities
and a constant topic…. reloading. Additionally, the M203 grenades that are
strapped to the bow, those grenades arm from rotating out of the tube,
something I don’t think would happen from the bow shot.

Hurt Locker: This is likely the worst movie I have seen for
numerous reasons, but I will go with just two parts. First, there is no way an
EOD tech with a 50 BMG can score headshots at several hundred yards on a moving
target, and even the best snipers in the business would agree that is total bunk.
The second part is when the protagonist pulls up an IED with multiple artillery
shells with one hand….for those who have not partied with arty, those look like
155mm shells, and the average weight is 95lbs….each. In my opinion, just skip
the movie.

For those of you who are reading this and new to
the shooting sport, please don’t use these movies or others like it as your
basis for accurate movie depictions. Do your homework and realize the only way
you get better is a ton of training, something you won’t see in many movies.

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Author: Ian Bolser