Thoughts On Indiana House Bill 1369

We have seen states begin to pass certain laws that would benefit those who
exercise their Second Amendment rights around the country. From Alabama to
Missouri, there have been changes to state laws that empower the state’s
citizens. Indiana is now on the list of states that have decided to vote in
favor of a freer and more controversial bill. “House Bill 1369” has passed the
Indiana House with a vote of 65-31. This bill would allow individuals to carry
their firearms on their person without filing for a permit, commonly known
around the country as “Constitutional Carry.”

Would this be deemed beneficial for
other States?

As of right now, this bill has passed through the first hurdle before the Governor
can sign it into law. This move, however, does provide the beginning of a basis
for other states to be able to build a case to give the same freedoms to its
citizens like Indiana. states that are willing to provide this extra step in
Constitutional Freedom for their people allows for the rest of the country to
show those that are in positions of power within the Federal Government that
they are willing to fight against draconian laws that would otherwise prove to
be a hindrance to the American People.

Is there any pushback against the bill?

Absolutely with all Bills such as this, there is bound to be pushback for situations such
as the one we have here. According to a statement in the Indy Star made by
Democrat Rep. Mitch Gore (who is a Captain serving the Marion County Sheriff’s
Office), he states, “This will cause less peace,” and “Our people will be less
safe.” Licenses that do get approved for citizens within the state provide “revenue
that adds up to 5.3 billion dollars a year that go towards annual training for
Police Departments.” Training is understandable when it comes to Police
Departments. Officers need to be up to date on procedures, firearms training,
etc. This would eventually be covered “partially by the taxpayers.”

When it comes to how states respond to the new
laws and bills that members of Congress are proposing on a Federal level, I
find this to be a positive outlook for those who are beginning the pushback
against what is unconstitutional. states such as Indiana are now proving to be
a positive example for those who continue to fight daily for the People’s
Rights, for a government to make individuals who abide by the law and are
protected by the Constitution pay for not only their Rights; but to pay the
Government to protect themselves and their families unconstitutional but immoral
as well. For this year, I believe that we will begin to notice more states
follow suit when it comes to states such as Indiana. When this bill is brought
to the state Senate floor, pass or fail will only provide more of a rallying
cry for states to follow in the footsteps of Indiana and other states that came
before it.

Attached is a link from the Indy Star.

Author: Nicholas Torres