Purple is the New Black

Our NEW Quick Click and Carry line up is going to blow your mind. We heard your
thoughts and because of numerous requests, we have added another color option
for the Quick Click and Carry Concealed Holster line. Along with the pink and
teal options currently offered, we are excited to announce purple as the new
colored holster!

To all the fellas
out there, if you haven’t retained anything from this post, now is the time to
zone back in: Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. And we know just what you
want. A gift with wow-factor that will remind your significant other why they put up with you… I’m sorry, we mean why they love you so much. And guess what – we made shopping easy this year. To celebrate
the launch of the purple Quick Click and Carry holster, JM4 Tactical is having a Valentine’s Day
Sale! You can save 20% on your purchase of the purple, pink, teal, and black Quick Click and Carry holsters with the code: BEMINE20. The discount can be applied upon checkout in
the coupon code section. The Valentine’s Day Sale is February 1
through February 2nd 2017. Be sure to order by February 2nd
to guarantee delivery of your holster in time for Valentines Day.

Concealed Carry Gun Purse

We take pride in
launching the Purple Quick Click and Carry Concealed Carry Holster because it is made with top-quality,
veg-tanned leather that is pH Balanced for gun contact. Therefore, you will
never need to worry about the damage to the bluing of your firearm. We then stitch
together two leathers allowing the veg-tanned leather to be the only leather
making contact with your firearm. The holster’s outer leather then goes through
a unique hand-dyeing process to create the vibrant purple color. Most importantly,
along with our other products, the purple Quick Click and Carry holster is hand-made by American
hands. We like to think this sets us apart from the other guys in the holster
business. JM4 Tactical takes pride in the fact that our holsters are never mass
produced. We can ensure you that you are receiving top-quality products that
will change the way you carry.

Many women have
purchased products from the Quick Click and Carry colored holster line and JM4 Tactical has
received great reviews on these holsters. Stephanie Cogburn, a customer of JM4
Tactical, posted a review via Facebook claiming, “This is an amazing device!
Nothing like it on the market. I am so comfortable with it and it does not look
bulky or feel that way. I truly love this holster!”

We hope you like the purple Quick Click and Carry holster as much as we do! Don’t miss out on ordering yours before February 2nd to receive 20% off your purchase with code: BEMINE20. 

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