Overlooked & Underrated

We make quality holsters here at JM4, and we take pride in
being known for quality. With our magnetic retention, we would put it up
against the best in the market but for half the price. But there are a lot of
other products that we put at the same time, attention to detail and quality
that you may not see, and that is what makes us different…let me show you why.


When you got to get up and go in the A.M., sometimes, it can
be tough to get started and be on alert. We make our own coffee blend here, and
for those who have never been to the Lone Star state, I would recommend the
Texas Pecan Pie. My family loves their pecans, and it is my go-to coffee for
those early mornings.


You would think this would go together like socks and shoes,
but most folks get a holster without a second thought to their belt. Our belts
here are designed to hold up your firearm, something that a cheap belt from the
box store can’t do. In many of my articles, you have seen that as you refine
your gun buying and gear tastes, you will see the brilliance in buying a
quality piece that will last decades versus the $15 blue light special that
sags a year later.

Trauma Kits:

I am a big fan of being prepared, mainly because bad things
happen at the worst times. We carried our Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) with
us in the military on every mission, and it was not for our buddies. It was as if
we were hurt and someone needed to aid us. Our kits come with the exact loadout
that I carried overseas, and while I hope you never have to use it, you will be
glad if you need to render aid to yourself or others.

Magazine holster:

I will say it until I am blue in the face. Having extra ammo is never a bad thing because unless you can feed it, your gun is an excellent
metal/polymer paperweight. So, when you are getting a perfect holster for your
gun, get one for your backup magazine, so you are always prepared to have extra
if you need it.

Author: Ian Bolser