Georgia woman shoots home invaders, kills one

Georgia woman shoots home invaders, kills one – Time for another video review, and for this one, I chose one that there are some very good takeaway lessons for everyone.

It can be seen in the video that three armed suspects break into a Georgia home at night, and it can be clearly seen that they entered forcefully with handguns in tow. I have said multiple times, that no one that comes in with force is doing something good, and it is always better to assume that they are armed, especially as it is hard to tell otherwise.

The suspects can be seen searching the house, but what I don’t know, and neither do the homeowners, if they are looking for something (to steal) or someone (to harm/kidnap/rape/murder). After several passes, a woman emerges from an unchecked door, and she is armed and on the phone with the police. While I am unsure what the perpetrator is doing, other than likely begging to not be shot as she caught him cold, she is taking no chances.

What happens is what typically happens, pure and utter chaos, with the homeowner engaging first and the suspects appearing to flee and return fire. It can be seen the homeowner is firing one-handed, and from the look of it is “limp wristing” the pistol. I would assume that at least a few of the shots are hits, based on the title but couldn’t confirm with other sources. You can tell after she clears the immediate area, that her gun is locked back to the rear, but I am guessing if you watch the last shot her limp wrist likely prevented the full chambering of a new round and it got stuck on the feed ramp. I think it is further corroborated when the male homeowner (where the hell was he in all of this) comes out, takes the gun, cycles it, and then goes to clear the last room. The woman is on the phone, I am guessing with the police, the entire time. Here are some of the takeaways.

  • 1. Put down the phone for a better grip. I had a similar instance where I had drawn on someone shooting on my property towards
    my house. I was on the phone with the police, I put it on speaker and placed it next to me as I told them what I was doing and what was going on. This may not be a good option if you are sneaking and creeping, but it worked for me at the time. The bottom line, you are more accurate and less likely to have a malfunction if you are using two hands.
  • 2. Check the gun before you go check the next room. The female homeowner went to go check the kitchen with a gun that was not ready to fire, which could have been disastrous had the third suspect been in there and started shooting.
  • 3. Know where your backup is, and that they have access to a firearm. The male homeowner showed up like he was just waking up,
    completely unarmed and completely unaware. It is almost a blessing the gun was inoperable as she could have shot him by accident (or on purpose because again….where the hell were you).
  • 4. Lights on guns are a good thing, especially at night. There are no longer excuses that you can’t have a light and a good holster because we can cut our holsters like the Original or Roughneck to accommodate.

Finally, the violence of action is a thing. If someone is in your house, come at them like this absolute badass of a woman firing accurately and let the police and Saint Peter sort out who is good or bad. My hats off to her for defending her house, and not shooting her husband for failing to provide any help.

Author: Ian Bolser