Carrying While Driving

I do a lot of traveling across the US, and usually, it is
with family in tow. If they are with me, unless legally prohibited, I am
probably carrying because my family is my priority for protection. However, we make
a lot of cross-country road trips, and this always comes up…where is it comfortable
to carry that I can rapidly access the firearm if needed?

On a recent 13-hour road trip, I started out carrying from
the get-go at my go-to spot, 3 o’clock position, using the Original magnetic
holster. I like it because of the way my truck seats are. The gun naturally
fits in front of my seatbelt and therefore doesn’t get in the way. This,
however, is not typical of all holsters, as my Kydex holster for the same gun
tends to fit a bit higher up on the hip and bumps right into the strap. For
that particular problem, I was putting the firearm in the front console, where
I have my phone charging, cables, snacks, random papers, receipts, and, you
know, everything else I don’t want to hold onto in my pockets or bother my wife
with as she is dealing with the kids. Needless to say, less than ideal.

The most significant issues with this method of carrying in
the console are twofold, the first being that it is loose next to my stuff
everywhere. The second is that every time we stop for pee breaks/gas (with kids,
it is like EVERY…DAMN…. HOUR) I had to remember to get the pistol, put it on,
and readjust awkwardly before my kid started crying yellow. With most holsters,
re-attachment is a pain in the ass. Now fast forward to the Original holster.
If you have seen the ads we have, you will see folks putting them attached
under the steering column, so I thought I would try it, and color me not
shocked it worked. It made me realize that I could draw it with one hand versus
the other option, I had to use both hands to draw, a bad thing if I needed to
try and drive past or through the threat.

Also, re-attachment is so much easier compared to needing a
belt. This also meant I could wear something more comfortable for driving, like
gym shorts, than jeans with a belt in the heat (I am from the mountains, so
anything above 70 with 20% humidity is heat). This made for a much more
comfortable ride and a much easier way to keep me and my family safe.

On a side note, Lord forbids I was in an accident. In the
first scenario, my loaded firearm becomes a projectile in the vehicle that
could cause significant harm. With the magnetic retention of 17lbs, that
holster is much more likely to retain the gun where I put it compared to loose
in the center console.

So, what are you waiting for? Give them a try and see how
much they improve your carrying and how much more you will carry.

Author: Ian Bolser