Are You Training Enough?

We like stuff. Gear is cool. I love new holsters, magazines,
gun, knives, trucks, bags etc….some would call that a “geardo”, and I am sure
that I ma not alone in this pursuit. How many of us go into the store, see that
new gun and go…man that would help me do this or that that the 35 other guns I currently have just simply can’t do. I have fallen into this and was super stoked
to give $100 plus a month for one of those gear box subscriptions for a while,
but sadly equipment alone doth not a trained operator make. You still need to
practice those skills….a LOT…in order to be proficient in any level. Here are
some things to think about.


Yes, I did it,
January New Years Resolutions have likely started to falter now but here is
some motivation why it shouldn’t. If you are truly serious about protecting
yourself from anything, you may need to have some stamina, be in it to grapple
with a larger opponent, or be able to run to/away from a fight. To take this to
a firearms perspective, it is a lot harder to holster and draw if your love
handles are covering the top of your pants. I have been there, and while a deep
holster like the Original/Roughneck can mitigate some of this, it is
significantly harder to draw clean in on motion if you have a muffin top. For a
more SHTF scenario, have you rucked with your bug out bag? Have you carried
that heavy 50 cal rifle that you love more than from the car to the shooting
area and back? If you are a fan of armor, have you worn it all day, or on a
hike? Start small and work towards the goal, its only your life and the lives
of your family that depend on it.


I got out to the range
for the first time in months about a week ago, yeah, ammo prices, holiday
season, the extreme cold (-8 makes outdoor range time miserable) and hunting
season all “prevented” me from range time. What a poor excuse. I have already
written about the ways to practice at home (which I did some, but not enough),
but there is no substitute to range time. Being able to draw from a holster
from verbal or shot timer command, engage a target at a varied distance, mag
changes, strong hand versus non-dominant hand…you just can’t do it as
effectively when there is no recoil. As I just got a new holster from our shop,
I tried working with drawing from my left hand as the magnetic IWB holster is a
left hand OWB holster, super different concept but worked really well.


I have read a ton of
books about shooting, war, philosophical debates on killing, SHTF and the one
thing that hits me is that there is a massive wealth of knowledge out there. My
go to reloads have been from reading others testing. My grip on handguns and my
technique has changed multiple times from when I started. How many of you have
attended a shooting clinic from a reputable (that is key) clinic? If Thunder
ranch is out of your price range as it is mine, try the Apple Seed clinic,
great way to improve. The key is that you need to be constantly improving and
looking for the best/newest ways to conceal carry, new technology, newest techniques,
and best practices so you can give yourself the biggest advantage over a
potential adversary. Bottom line, you want to add all of these up and make it
an unfair fight for whomever wishes to inflict their will upon you.

Author: Ian Bolser