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Overlooked and Underrated

Overlooked and Underrated – We make quality holsters here at JM4, and we take pride in being known for quality. With our magnetic retention, we would put it up against the best in the market but for half the price. But there are a lot of other products that we put at the same time,

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Does NSSF Support Red Flag Laws?

Does NSSF Support Red Flag Laws?

Does NSSF Support Red Flag Laws? – It is evident that the current political and social environment since the Uvalde shooting in late May, with every shooting that occurs, is now a national headline if it fits the narrative. However, in today’s woke, cancel culture, it is much easier to play to the sensations, even

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Carrying Your Sub-Compact Pistol

Carrying Your Sub-Compact Pistol – In my last blog, I talked about how to carry your full-size 1911 and made my recommendation  for which ones we at JM4 Tactical must fit that bill. But if you are like many these days, 1911 is so 1907…and you are likely carrying a newer firearm model. While the

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Why You Need A GOOD Holster

When we get the money for a new firearm, we are quick to get many things. First might be ammunition, to practice with it (if we can find it), then a myriad of “cool” gadgets from lights, lasers, optics, different sights…but we tend to neglect how we intend on carrying that handgun. There are several

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