Original Magnetic Quick Click and Carry Gun Holster


The Original Magnetic Holster is designed for deeper concealment that works great for athletic wear and yoga pants or just a deep concealment preference.  For a higher ride height on the waistband we recommend checking out our High-Ride Magnetic Gun Holster or our Tuckable High-Ride Magnetic Gun Holster.  Upon completion of all options, refer to generated image for shape/size of the holster for your firearm.



Original Magnetic Quick Click and Carry Gun Holster – When it hits the fan and your life is on the line, the last thing you want to have on your hip is a gimmicky concealed carry gun holster made of cheap plastic with parts that may fail you in a time of crisis. You need a gun holster as reliable as the firearm you trust, that also helps your gun disappear in comfort when you conceal it from prying eyes.  













The JM4 Tactical Quick Click & Carry is the first ever, and only, Magnetic Retention concealed carry gun holster that provides you with a way to carry your firearm no matter what you wear from jeans and dress pants, to active wear like shorts and yoga pants. The Original Quick Click & Carry leather gun holster allows you to be armed without the hassle of belts or clips that can damage your clothing while maintaining a level of unprecedented comfort. 

The Original Magnetic Quick Click & Carry Gun Holster is designed to be worn for hours at a time, and forgotten about until needed no matter what you’re wearing, or what you’re doing. Going for a jog? Hitting the gym? Sitting at the computer desk? Our gun holster can even be used as a car gun holster – simply slip the gun holster out of your waist and magnetically retain it on the pocket behind the passenger seat. The patented JM4 Tactical holster has you covered, no matter where life takes you.  

Historically, gun holsters had only men in mind with their design. But the Quick Click & Carry is great for both men and women who wish to arm themselves in comfort, convenience, and the deep concealment that can only be found with this magnetic gun holster. If you prefer a higher ride height and shooters grip be sure to check out our High-Ride Magnetic Holster option.

These leather pistol and revolver gun holsters are made with two layers of stitched Hermann Oak Grade A Vegetable Tanned Steer Hide that is PH balanced for extended contact with your gun. In other words, you’ll never need to worry about damaging your gun’s finish. 

JM4 Tactical’s patented Leather gun Holsters are different than everything else available on the market which can be seen in the quality of the materials. Only the finest leathers, the best threads for stitching, and dual-purpose rare earth magnets are used in each one. 

Furthermore, the Original Quick Click & Carry uses no hard plastic from injected molds known to damage a firearm’s finish, nor does it use metal or plastic clips that could damage your clothing. 

Instead of clips, these IWB handgun holsters use strong, rare earth magnets that are strategically attached to serve two functions: 

  1. The first function of these magnets is to click into place on your waistband. This allows these concealed carry holsters to stay right where you put them, anywhere on your waist.

  2. The second function, is that of magnetic gun holster retention. What this means is that once your gun is in this leather gun holster, it won’t come out unless you want it to. 

The JM4 Tactical Leather Gun Holsters are available for just about every size gun you can think of. It doesn’t matter if you need a Fullsize 1911 holster, one for a Glock 19, or a Sig 938 there is one for you no matter the size of your self-defense gun.

Our magnetic gun holster can also be used as a car gun holster – simply slip the gun holster out of your waist and magnetically retain it on the pocket behind the passenger seat.  Read more about this topic and check out our Blog. You can also purchase our new magnet mount that works perfectly with all of our magnetic retention gun holsters.

This the best concealed carry gun holster on the market. To prove it, here are some customer and professional testimonials:

I can’t say enough about this company. I bought a magnetic IWB holster for my FNX 45. As a guy with a large body frame, I could not find a IWB holster that was comfortable. I hit the jackpot with JM4 Tactical. Their holster is amazing! Very comfortable for a IWB holster for guys with large frames. This holster changed the way I conceal carry.” — Lance Smith, Facebook Review

“I was really set on going with a al**n g**r setup. My dad is old school and always talks about how much he loves his leather holsters and ‘there’s no substitute for real leather’, so i found the jm4 thru a facebook ad and gave it a try. This thing is perfect!!! Securely and comfortably holds my fullsize 45xd in board shorts, jeans, sweatpants, basketball shorts etc… Perfect fit, excellent quality, well worth the money. There’s no way i’m gonna buy that kydex crap after having my jm4 holster. Best part is both my fullsize xd 45 and sub compact mod 2 9mm both fit perfectly in the same holster without changing out “shells” like the kydex ones require you to. 2 thumbs up!!!”Josh Baily, Facebook Review

“A cool feature of the Quick Click & Carry is it’ll also store your gun on a metal bedframe, the dashboard of your classic pickup, or motorcycle tank, and the gun will stay there. I slapped this one onto a Connex wall upside down, and it just stuck there, gun and all.”Eve Flanigan, Guns.com

“Any concealed carrier worth his salt knows — your concealed carry rig is only as good as the holster that keeps your defensive tool handy. That’s why when I conceal my handgun, nine times out of ten it’s riding along in a holster made by JM4 Tactical.”John Falkenburg, ConcealedNation.com

“Overall, this is honestly one of my favorite holsters. It’s a slick new idea to use the magnet in this way and it really made for an effective product.  The price is resonable and it is not hard to conceal.  With several different options in several different leathers colors and sizes, it’s coming highly recommended.”Sara Tipton, TTAG

“It’s my opinion that the JM4 Tactical Quick Click & Carry is the best concealed carry holster of this type, and one of the top concealed carry holsters available on the market right now. I’m not usually a fan of non gun-specific gun holsters, but this one does its job well.”Joshua Gillem, DownRangeDaily.com

When you buy a JM4 Tactical product, you’re supporting a Marine Veteran-owned American small business. All of JM4 Tactical’s products are made right here in the USA, by American patriots. That means when you buy a JM4 Tactical gun holster, you help feed one of the American families they employ. 

You trust your gun to protect your life, isn’t it about time you began to trust your holster?

Change the way you carry buy adding comfort to your concealment. Buy a JM4 Tactical Quick Click & Carry Gun Holster, today. 

With the exception of the original large ALL of our Quick, Click, & Carry holsters come standard with a sweat guard.  These are more pronounced with the sizes above the large.  Please refer to generated image once you have selected your size, color (if applicable), and hand.  The image will be the specified item you are purchasing.


*Due to the additional supplies needed to achieve different colored gun holsters, the colored holsters are priced $15 more than the basic tan. 

**To keep our gun holsters as comfortable as possible, we don’t apply a sealant to the black or brown IWB gun holsters, therefore the color may bleed onto the skin or your clothing during the first couple uses. This will diminish after time.

***The teal, purple, and pink concealed carry gun holsters are made with two different leathers stitched together with only the Hermann Oak Grade A Vegetable Tanned Steer Hide contacting the firearm you trust your life with, ensuring that your bluing is protected and no hard plastics hurt your gun’s finish. 

****We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee so buy with confidence.  (limited life time warranty) See Warranty & returns page for more information. Warranty & Returns Policy – JM4 Tactical Holsters

U.S. Patent 9,784,530 B1
U.S. Patent 11,747,109

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Basic Tan, Black, Brown, Pink, Purple, Teal


Left Hand – Designed to be worn as Left Hand IWB or if you plan to wear Right Hand OWB, Right Hand – Designed to be worn as Right Hand IWB or if you plan to wear Left Hand OWB

Unfortunately, this holster is not available for your gun model. Please consider looking at our RELIC series.

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