Magnet Mount – Use as a Car Gun Holster


With a magnetic holster, you can seamlessly take your gun right off your hip and attach it to your car gun holster. Forget about unclipping, zipping or tying, by using our gun holster with the magnet mount, your gun can be accessed from your car, office, home, etc. without loosing time from constantly removing and replacing your gun, keeping you safe at all times. In addition, with our car gun holster and magnetic retention holster, your trigger will never be exposed, entirely removing the possibility of a misfire.

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Magnet Mount – Use as a Car Gun Holster

JM4 Tactical car gun holster magnet can be mounted just about anywhere. It is double sided, and comes with screws and drywall anchors. The magnet has 42 lbs of hold, and is also covered in rubber to help prevent scratching your firearm. The magnet is intended to be used with JM4 Tactical Magnetic Holsters (as a car gun holster), so when you get in your car or get home from a long day at work you can pull your gun holster off and stick it to the magnet. Combining the JM4 Tactical magnetic retention holster with the magnet mount assures that your trigger is covered and protected at all times.



42 Lbs Magnet Hold

will not scratch your firearm

Rifles and Handguns

Can be Mounted with screws

works great with our magnetic holster

1 year  limited warranty

Unfortunately, this holster is not available for your gun model. Please consider looking at our RELIC series.

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