D.R.A.W Academy was created to bring science-based, next-generation training to the civilian market.


           This proven system has been producing unprecedented results in the law enforcement world for over 5 years and is guaranteed to move you from tradition to transformation.


          "A new standard in firearms training!"












The D.R.A.W. Academy (Level 1) course is delivered in four primary modules. In Module One, we lay the scientific foundation for the training program.

In Modules Two, Three, and Four, we will walk you through a proven process that will fundamentally transform your firearms proficiency, accuracy, and speed.

Below is a summary of the course curriculum:


MODULE ONE: Introduction and Science Behind D.R.A.W.

In Module 1, you will learn many of the reasons why science plays such a huge role in the success of the D.R.A.W. training methodology. You will also see why several traditional methods of shooting and training are a myth.

MODULE TWO: Mastering the Basics

In Module 2 (D.R.A.W. 1), you will learn step-by-step what makes the D.R.A.W. method so unique and effective. Regardless of your skill level, this module will show you how to shoot faster and more accurate while maintaining intense focus.

MODULE THREE: Mastering Reloading

In Module 3 (D.R.A.W. 2), you will learn basic ways to speed up your reloading sequence and how to make sure it is performed properly on the first try. Building on the processes you learned in Module 1, this module will provide vital steps to ensuring a fast, smooth reload every time.

MODULE FOUR: Mastering Malfunctions

Your handgun is not immune to malfunctions. When you have a malfunction, being able to identify the kind of malfunction it is and how to clear it is key to getting your handgun up and running again.


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    • How to correctly balance your body when shooting.
    • How to use the unique aspects of your body to help you shoot faster and more accurate.
    • The science behind recoil energy and the difference between recoil mitigation and recoil control!
    • Grip vs. Interface: How to become one with firearm
    • The D.R.A.W. Grip and Stance
    • Presentation from Concealment and/or Holster
    • The Draw Sequence (both one and two handed)
    • Faster sight alignment! How to align your sights without even looking at them!
    • How to increase your accuracy and confidently place your shots
    • How to keep your gun running in tactical situations
    • Advanced techniques used by law enforcement and military specialists