RELIC Series Hybrid Holster IWB/OWB



RELIC Series Hybrid Holster IWB/OWB is a New JM4 Tactical RELIC Hybrid Holster

Here is a new take on a classic idea. The brand new RELIC Hybrid holster takes an already functional design and makes it better by stitching leather to the inside of a Boltaron polymer shell. This gives you a tactically silent draw that also protects the finish on your gun.

When it comes time to rely on a holster for your self-defense tool, the last thing you want is one that may not function properly, isn’t comfortable, or may break when you need it the most. That’s just one of the reasons why we chose to make a Hybrid style holster for our new patent pending RELIC line.

We used only the finest quality materials we could find, added them to a functional design, and then turned it into the best hybrid gun holster ever made.

Each patent pending RELIC Hybrid Holster stitches Herma