Click the size of your specific gun below to be directed to the size needed.

Brand Gun Model Magnetic Holster Size Needed
Taurus 24/7 Large Long
Taurus 709 Slim Large
Taurus 738 Curve Medium
Taurus 856 Revolver K-Frame (by barrel length)
Taurus G2c Large
Taurus G2s Large
Taurus G2s w/Olight PL Mini-2 Custom Size - Contact us to Order
Taurus G3 XL-3
Taurus Curve Large
Taurus PT-111 Large
Taurus PT-111 G2 Large
Taurus PT-140 XL Short 2
Taurus PT-145 Pro XL Short 2
Taurus PT-22 Small
Taurus PT-638 PRA SA Medium
Taurus PT-738 Small
Taurus PT-740 Large
Taurus PT-809 Large Long
Taurus PT-92c Large
Taurus PT-92 XL-3
Taurus PT-92 w/TLR6 X-Large
Taurus Spectrum Medium 3
Taurus TCP .380 Small
Taurus TH9c Large
Taurus THP XL-3
Taurus TX 22 XL Short 2