gun training

gun training

‘To-Do’ List for New Gun Owners

With the current lawlessness in the country, Americans are buying guns in record numbers. In June alone the FBI recorded 3.9 million NICS checks. The NICS checks are the background checks run when you purchase a firearm through an FFL. For perspective, the 3.9 million NICS checks in June accounted for the most in any […]

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Firearm Negligence Can Be Fatal

I often hear people say they carry a firearm occasionally, only when they think they will be in one of the bad neighborhoods. Others say they only carry their handgun when they can wear clothing that allows them to conceal it. Some don’t have any rhyme or reason when choosing to carry on a given

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The #1 Handgun Modification You Need

Opinions vary on how much you should modify your carry gun. The modifications fall into a couple of different categories. First, cosmetic/esthetic modifications. Think of taking that boring, black, utilitarian, pistol, and customizing it with a Cerekote paint job, or color-filled slide. Or perhaps you just want to change out the color on your grip panels?

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Does Capacity Matter?

You carry a gun for self-defense on the off chance you need to defend yourself or someone else against a violent attacker. Even though the probability of you having to use your gun is low, you know that it is far better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have

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Benefits of Dry Fire Training

The absent-minded maestro was racing up New York’s Seventh Avenue to a rehearsal, when a stranger stopped him. “Pardon me,” he said, “can you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?” “Yes,” answered the maestro breathlessly. “Practice!” OK, so practice might not get you to Carnegie Hall, but it will make you a better

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Think Before You Post

We have a public service announcement, and for some, it may be a tough pill to swallow. However, we think education is vital, so we want to address a serious issue. Look at any social media posts about gun law, defensive gun use, or something similar. You will find comments such as, ‘I am too

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Back to the Range!

Spring has sprung in different areas of the country. If you live in a region similar to the North East like I do, the weather is much more favorable than it has been, and with that, it will undoubtedly bring more people out to the range. Granted, we should all be hitting the range at

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Glock E-Trainer Review

To train is to better oneself when it comes to a firearm, wouldn’t you agree? Dry fire training is something that I find to be extremely beneficial when it comes to training. I constantly find myself dry fire training when I have the free time or can’t get to the range due to prior obligations.

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