gun training

gun training

Tough Times Require Tough People

Tough Times Require Tough People – It is no surprise to anyone watching the news these days that the world is a crazy place. From highway hijackings in broad daylight, potential food shortages, and protests that erupt out of nowhere, life is a little less simple than 20 years ago. So, what can we do

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Use That .22 to Train

One of my mentors in the shooting world that I took a class from was an old school kind of guy. I loved training with him and learning from him. One of the things he said in a class I took about what kind of firearms everyone should be looking for really stuck with me.

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3 Must-Have Dryfire Tools

When was the last time you made it out to the range for live-fire practice? If it’s been more than a month or so, I’m willing to bet your mechanics are a bit rusty. I say this because it applies to me, as well as any top-level shooter I have spoken with. Can you think

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The Case For 9mm Ammunition

Are you shooting .45 ACP, .40 or .380? Are you trying to understand why everyone seems to be shooting 9mm? Stick around, because I will present the factors that lead me to 9mm for my everyday carry (EDC) concealed handgun. Let us first address the question of how effective 9mm is for a self-defense handgun

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“Why Do I Need Training?”

I’m blessed to have friends and colleagues from all walks of life. With that comes different political views and perspectives. I have differing opinions from many of those that I connect with personally. To be perfectly honest, we can communicate reasonably and agree to disagree on those subjects we don’t see eye to eye. Firearms

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Why You Should Practice That Draw

Being well-armed does not amount to a hill of beans if your skills are not regularly practiced and honed. The concept of training is a necessary part of your life, as a gun owner this should be engrained into your mind. Some states require training to obtain a license to carry. Depending on the regulations,

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