The #1 Handgun Modification You Need

Opinions vary on how much you should modify your carry gun. The modifications fall into a couple of different categories. First, cosmetic/esthetic modifications. Think of taking that boring, black, utilitarian, pistol, and customizing it with a Cerekote paint job, or color-filled slide. Or perhaps you just want to change out the color on your grip panels? …

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Does Capacity Matter?

You carry a gun for self-defense on the off chance you need to defend yourself or someone else against a violent attacker. Even though the probability of you having to use your gun is low, you know that it is far better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have …

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Who is the Gray Man?

Being a ‘gray man’ or if you are politically correct, a ‘gray person’ is an important component of an intelligent self-preservation strategy. When we refer to the term gray man, it is about a strategy of being alert and prepared to address things in our environment, while blending in to and not standing out in a …

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5 Things We Need to Stop

I like to think I’ve made a ton of new shooters. Through both basic safety courses to just taking friends shooting. I am my friends’ designated gun guy, and I’m betting many of you on here fill that same role. In all my time teaching new shooters and concealed carriers I’ve learned a few things I …

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