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RELIC Series OWB Lonestar

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Introducing The New JM4 Tactical RELIC Lonestar Holster

Are you ready for a new take on a classic idea? The brand new RELIC Lonestar holster takes an already functional design and makes it better by stitching leather to the inside of a Boltaron polymer shell. This gives you a tactically silent draw that also protects the finish on your gun.

When it comes time to rely on a holster for your self-defense tool, the last thing you want is one that may not function properly, isn’t comfortable, or may break when you need it the most. That’s just one of the reasons why we chose to make a Lonestar style holster for our new patent pending RELIC line.

We used only the finest quality materials we could find, added them to a functional design, and then turned it into the best hybrid gun holster ever made.

Each patent pending RELIC Lonestar Holster stitches Hermann Oak Grade A leather to the inside of a US-Made Boltaron polymer shell for an extremely quiet draw and re-holster, every time. Because the leather is soft, your firearm’s finish is protected. Because the Boltaron is strong, your gun and trigger are protected.

No other polymer holster is capable of preventing scratches and holster marks from damaging your firearm like the RELIC Lonestar, and the reason why is because only treated leather touches your gun.

The RELIC Lonestar holster (shown above) is available for hundreds of different guns and is a functional masterpiece that is adjustable for ride height, cant, and is designed to be worn at the 4 o’clock position, outside the waistband (OWB).  You have the option of 2 belt clip styles, Quick-Release or Belt Feed.

It doesn’t matter if you carry a Glock 26 or if you’ve been on the hunt for a Beretta 92fs holster, because we’ve got you covered. Or, maybe you’ve been trying to find a Walther PK380 holster but haven’t had any luck, we’ve got one for you. No matter what you carry, or desire to, it’s our goal to have a holster to fit your needs.

Each RELIC Hybrid Holster features:

  • Fully adjustable cant

  • Adjustable ride height

  • Adjustable retention

  • Strong Boltaron Exterior Shell

  • Soft, quiet Hermann Oak Interior lining

  • Safe, non-collapsible design

  • Ability to provide years of use

Isn’t it about time you carried your chosen gun the way you wanted? Order your RELIC Lonestar Holster, today!

This is a custom made to order product - Please allow up to 20 business days for item to ship.

These are custom made to order and and are not eligible for exchange or return so please ensure correct sizing when ordering.
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1 Review

Simon Mar 28th 2021

Very Happy

I have a lot of holsters almost every type for various companies. JM4 by far has the best quality I've seen. Needed a decent OWB holster and mag holder that looked good to use for my firearms training biz. Took a chance with these guys and from start to finish was very impressed. My EDC is not the most common but JM4 customer service was outstanding. I even got my order a week before it was due. Yes, the holsters are a bit higher price than most but for good reason. Great fit and finish. I plan on puting both through it's paces but have no question JM4 will handle any potential issues. Very Happy customer and will be saving up for my other pistols.

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