The Regiment Coffee Subscription

Original price was: $44.97.Current price is: $38.23. / month


The Regiment Coffee Subscription – A coffee bundle sufficient for your coffee cravings and the rest of the troops living in your house.

Life is busy – let us take something off your plate.

Don’t hassle with going to the store to get your daily coffee fix.  We will ship out your favorite 3 flavors every month automatically.

JM4 offers 6 flavors of coffee that will certainly satisfy even the pickiest of tastebuds and add a dose of freedom and patriotism to every sip.

Texas Pecan Pie Coffee – creamy, nutty, and slightly smoky Pecan Pie coffee with an aroma that is out of this world

Texas Dark Chocolate Coffee – rich dark chocolate flavor with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and star anise

Texas Snickerdoodle Coffee – sweet & buttery with a dash of cinnamon.

Texas Sweet Roll Coffee – hints of cinnamon, browned butter, and sugar.

Lonestar Breakfast Blend Coffee – rich and sweet blend with a smooth and well-balanced taste.

Vanilla Flavored Coffee – warm, sweet and slightly smoky taste

Want to see what our coffee says about you?



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