handgun for concealed carry

5 Best Concealed Carry Handguns

When selecting a handgun for concealed carry you want to find one that is reliable, easy to shoot, comfortable to carry, and chambered in an acceptable self-defense caliber. When it’s all put together it leaves big shoes to fill. In this article, we are going to look at the top 5 best concealed carry handguns.

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The Great Shotgun Comeback

  I’m really learning that this industry is cyclical. A lot of the time, something that is new is just rehashed from something older. And, trends come and go. Take for example the SMG platform. It was long declared dead and replaced by the SBR. But, the Army is again seeking out new SMGs. Plus,

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Why We Used Boltaron

As you well know, we just released our brand-new, molded RELIC holsters made from Boltaron polymer and Hermann Oak Grade A Vegetable Tanned Leather. But this begs the question from a lot of people, what is Boltaron and why did we use it instead of “the other” readily available plastic materials out there? Well, that’s

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Top 5 Best .22 Pistols

One of the most popular rifle and pistol cartridges is the .22. There are many different types of .22s out there, but 22 long rifle, or .22lr for short, is currently the most popular one, and for good reason. Pistols and rifles chambered in this classic cartridge are the perfect round to train a new

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Ammo Showdown: 357 Sig VS 40S&W

Many folks just coming into the self-defense world are bombarded with questions: which caliber do I choose? Which gun do I choose? Do I carry IWB or OWB? And the list goes on. We plan to help you answer all those questions, this time around, we’ll discuss .40 S&W vs .357 Sig, two very capable

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Enter To Win A Free Holster

We love our leather gun holsters so much that we’ve decided to give some of them away to a few lucky people. There is no purchase necessary, and all that’s required for entrance is your email address so we can let you know if you’ve won or not. You can enter the giveaway by using

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You Asked. We Answered!

Ugh Monday…. we meet again. However, this one seems to be different than the rest because we have launched yet another BAD ASS product that will be an answered prayer to many of our customers. There is nothing like coming in half asleep, sipping on that morning juice from God himself (better known as coffee)

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March 15th is an exciting day for us, for many reasons, but most importantly because it’s our birthday! Today marks one year of business for JM4 Tactical! We are thankful for the support of each person that has helped us along the way. JM4 Tactical was built on the values of hard work, dedication and innovation. Over