What's Your Gun Holster Type
Whether you are looking for a high quality traditional gun holster that is gentle on your firearm, or a revolutionary magnetic retention holster that will stay secure, JM4 Tactical has it all. Can even be used as a car gun holster Find your perfect holster today!

Magnetic Holsters

Our Patented Magnetic Retention Conceal Carry gun holster allows you to carry your firearm no matter what you are wearing. Our magnetic holster line provides unmatched comfort, versatility, and quality that no other single holster can! Can even be used as a car gun holster.

Relic series holsters

Stronger, lighter and more temperature resistant than every Kydex gun holster on the market, our RELIC series gun holsters are made of Boltaron Thermoplastics and Hermann Oak to ensure versatility and comfort while carrying!

Traditional Holsters