best ammo for self defense

Best Ammo for Self Defense

What is the Best Ammo for Self-Defense? Let’s open a can of worms to start off the New Year’s right and ask what you think is the best ammo type for self-defense. Like most opinions, everyone has one and most of them are deeply rooted in their mind as the best, and anything else must …

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“Thinning the Herd”

Thinning the Herd: Before you immediately close this and assume I have lost my mind or want to assert that there is no number, I ask you to read a little further. I have been shooting for over two decades, from plinking to three-gun, precision to military training, and a lot of hunting thrown in. …

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One Gun To Rule Them All

THE Gun – As I stared down another move and the massive gun safe, I had to move for the 7th time in 12 years. I started to think, what is the one gun I could see me keeping if the others mysteriously disappeared in a boating accident. I would need one that could do …

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Best Guns For Home-Defense

A popular reason for people to get a firearm is home defense, and many of us sell that to our significant others as to why we bought a gun or twelve…however, what is the best option? I would argue that like all things, it depends, but I want to give you my top three and …

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The Great Shotgun Comeback

  I’m really learning that this industry is cyclical. A lot of the time, something that is new is just rehashed from something older. And, trends come and go. Take for example the SMG platform. It was long declared dead and replaced by the SBR. But, the Army is again seeking out new SMGs. Plus, …

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