Gun Safety

Gun Safety

The Dangers of Slamfire

I was recently at a sporting clays course with two friends and a new acquaintance partaking in some fellowship and much-needed target practice. It was a balmy twenty-something degree, with the sky having a bright steel color, and I entirely blame my sub-par score on the cold weather. The course we went to is one […]

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Texas Permitless Carry

On June 16, 2021, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law a permit less carry bill. HB 1927 removes the mandate that one must first obtain a License To Carry (LTC) to possess a firearm outside of their home. From the final bill text, we have: “AN ACT relating to provisions governing the carrying of

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Firearm Negligence Can Be Fatal

I often hear people say they carry a firearm occasionally, only when they think they will be in one of the bad neighborhoods. Others say they only carry their handgun when they can wear clothing that allows them to conceal it. Some don’t have any rhyme or reason when choosing to carry on a given

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