gray man

gray man

Do You Vary Your Carry?

Should you Vary Your Carry – I am a big fan of keeping things simple. If you have ever heard of KISS….Keep it Simple Stupid… means don’t overcomplicate things by changing too many things at the same time. This could be anything from trying to do too many projects simultaneously, to having too many keys […]

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Hiding In Plain Sight

Hiding In Plain Sight – Self-defense is something that we focus a lot on here, and that is because I am a firm believer that each person should be responsible enough to protect themselves, their families, and others from as many potential issues as they can. However, part of protecting your family is making sure

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Who is the Gray Man?

Being a ‘gray man’ or if you are politically correct, a ‘gray person’ is an important component of an intelligent self-preservation strategy. When we refer to the term gray man, it is about a strategy of being alert and prepared to address things in our environment, while blending in to and not standing out in a

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