firearm training

firearm training

Shooting For Perfection

Shooting For Perfection – Like many of you, I am balancing a crazy work schedule, kids, wife, family obligations, honey-do lists that are never-ending, and just trying to relax, but I still think about self-defense, preparing for my family, and how I can best do that. Recently, that has focused on two main areas: physical …

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Get A Grip!

A good and proper handgun grip can make or break your shooting experience. Too loose of a grip, and you’ll surrender control. Too tight of a grip, and you’ll leave yourself subject to movement and tremors. How to grip a pistol is one of those topics that will garner a thousand different answers if you …

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Texas Permitless Carry

On June 16, 2021, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law a permitless carry bill. HB 1927 removes the mandate that one must first obtain a License To Carry (LTC) to possess a firearm outside of their home. From the final bill text, we have: “AN ACT relating to provisions governing the carrying of a …

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