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RELIC Series Tuckable IWB Holster

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How This New Tuckable IWB Gun Holster Is Revolutionizing Concealed Carry

Do you ever find yourself frustrated when you think you’ve found a great gun holster manufacturer to find out they only make holsters for two or three gun brands, but don’t support your gun? Do they burst your bubble when you find out you can’t adjust the position, ride height, or cant?

Here’s a question, who are we (gun holster manufacturers) to tell you how or what you should carry? Who are we to tell you which gun you should or should not carry for self-defense?

Instead of only carrying holsters for a Glock 19 or Smith & Wesson Shield holsters, we are now offering our patent pending, molded polymer holsters which are fully adjustable to wear in any position, and available for hundreds of different gun models. That is, after all, one of the purposes behind the new RELIC line of holsters …

… to give the concealed gun carrier more freedom to carry how, carry what, and carry where they choose.

Therefore, if you want to carry your CZ 75B, we’ve got a concealed carry holster for that. If you need a Canik TP9SF holster, we’ve got you covered. Then again, maybe you have need for an FNS 9C holster. We’ve got those, too. In fact, we have support for hundreds of guns, to include the popular ones like Glock, Shield, and XD.

Who are we to tell you how or what to trust your life to? Don’t you deserve the ability to choose for yourself? We think so, which is why we’re offering our RELIC Holster.

Each patent pending RELIC holster stitches Grade A Hermann Oak Leather to a molded, US-Made Boltaron polymer shell. The RELIC Tuckable IWB Holster (shown above) is a functional masterpiece that is fully adjustable, tuckable, and can be worn anywhere inside the waistband.

From appendix carry and strong side, all the way back to 4 o’clock and small of back, these concealed carry gun holsters are designed to give the wearer freedom to choose.

As an added bonus, RELIC Holsters offer a tactical advantage over other polymer holsters in that they are quiet, but sturdy. They are quiet due to the soft leather interior, but sturdy because of the molded Boltaron polymer on the outside.

Why did we use Boltaron Polymer instead of the usual plastic most companies use? Because Boltaron is stronger, withstands extreme temperatures, and stands up the struggles of life much better than anything else out on the market.

Each Tuckable IWB Holster features:

  • Fully adjustable cant

  • Adjustable ride height

  • Adjustable retention

  • Strong Boltaron Exterior Shell

  • Soft, quiet Hermann Oak Leather interior lining

  • Safe, non-collapsible design

  • Ability to provide years of use

Isn’t it about time you carried your chosen gun the way you wanted? Order your RELIC Tuckable IWB Holster, today.

This is a custom made to order product - Please allow 7-14 days for item to ship.

These are custom made to order and and are not eligible for exchange or return so please ensure correct sizing when ordering.
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2 Reviews

peppersalt Sep 22nd 2018

Relic Holster

This review is for a 1911 Relic Holster. The fit and finish of the holster is outstanding. It is very comfortable to wear all day. The leather does a great job of protecting your side arm. This is my third Relic Holster for three different side arms. I'm very pleased with this holster. I would definitely recommend the Relic Holster.

Matthew D. Jun 1st 2018

RELIC Series Tuckable Holster

I have been looking for a quality holster for quite some time. Everyone knows that holsters are about as personal a choice as selecting your firearm. I purchased 2 RELIC holsters. One for my Hudson H9 and one for my PPQ. The excellent build quality is immediately apparent. Fit and finish is second to none and retention was perfect for me right out of the box. As far as placement goes I am able to wear this comfortably anywhere between appendix and 4:30. I am sure you could wear it back further if you wanted to. The leather is smooth and the boltaron inspires confidence. To say that I am happy with this holster is an understatement. A great product from great people in the great state of Texas.

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