JM4 Tactical Red laser Boresighter



JM4 Tactical Laser Boresighter 

 JM4 Tactical red laser boresighter will help you sight in your rifle scopes or optics. the bore sight comes with different size fitting to fit a .22-.50 caliber , and all you need to do is screw the correct fitting into the laser and then into the barrel. Set the riffle up at 25 yards for riffles then make the adjustments to the scope. The boresight will get you close to the bullseye, so when you make the finial adjustments on the range with live ammo you won’t be wasting ammo trying to get on target. It is a great addition to put in your range bag or give as a gift. It can be used with Thermal imagining scopes, rifle scopes, and optics. To get a better fit we recommend taking the muzzle break off and then inserting the laser boresighter into the barrel.

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battery’s included

Aluminum Body

Handgun, Rifle

Red laser

fits .22 – .50cal

1 year warranty