The Sound of Silence

Among many of the other crazy rules and regulations that the government has placed upon the ordinary citizen is the regulation of suppressors (also known as silencers to the uninformed). They will run you as low as a couple of hundred dollars to the thousands and are accompanied with a 4 to 12-month wait and …

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How 2A Rights Link To Training

There have been so many instances that people say things like “I don’t see anywhere in the Second Amendment where it says you can xyz.” Xyz, of course is a stand in for any argument that someone who’s not civil rights minded might make against what the Second Amendment means. A crucial and important element …

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Types of Carry

We have all read countless blogs, seen the videos about what style to carry concealed. Why does it matter? Aren’t they all the same? In some ways, yes, in others, no. Some are situational. Let me explain. I started carrying on my hip, with a full-length 1911 concealed. I am a big guy, and I …

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Those Cowboys onto Something?

Confession, sometimes it’s hard to come up with material. Because of that, I’m constantly polling friends, colleagues, and fellow instructors about what to write. I ask them about their needs and their student’s needs. Not so recently, I was discussing this with a close friend and fellow instructor, and he posed a question to me …

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Get A Grip!

A good and proper handgun grip can make or break your shooting experience. Too loose of a grip, and you’ll surrender control. Too tight of a grip, and you’ll leave yourself subject to movement and tremors. How to grip a pistol is one of those topics that will garner a thousand different answers if you …

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