conceal carry

conceal carry

Firearm Negligence Can Be Fatal

I often hear people say they carry a firearm occasionally, only when they think they will be in one of the bad neighborhoods. Others say they only carry their handgun when they can wear clothing that allows them to conceal it. Some don’t have any rhyme or reason when choosing to carry on a given …

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Who is the Gray Man?

Being a ‘gray man’ or if you are politically correct, a ‘gray person’ is an important component of an intelligent self-preservation strategy. When we refer to the term gray man, it is about a strategy of being alert and prepared to address things in our environment, while blending in to and not standing out in a …

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“What is the Best Gun to Buy?”

The year 2020 has been an unprecedented time. We don’t need to discuss the dumpster fire of what has and has not happened throughout the year. However, we can discuss some of the consequences of this perfect storm of what we’ll say are unfortunate events, to put it lightly. One of the results of 2020 …

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