Click the size of your specific gun below to be directed to the size needed. 

Gun ModelSize
Ruger 1911 Commander 1911-4
Ruger 9e XL-3
Ruger American 45 Full Size XL-3
Ruger American 9mm Full Size XL-3
Ruger American Compact XL Short 2
Ruger Bearcat Large
Ruger LC380 Medium
Ruger LC380 w/Crimson Trace Large
Ruger LCP 1 Small
Ruger LCP 1 w/Crimson Trace Small
Ruger LCP 2 Small
Ruger LCP 2 w/Laser Medium Short
Ruger LC9 Medium
Ruger LC9 w/Crimson Trace Large
Ruger LC9s Medium
Ruger LCR J-Frame
Ruger P-85 Large Long
Ruger P-89 XL-3
Ruger P-89 w/TLR6 X-Large
Ruger P-90 XL-3
Ruger P-90 w/TLR6 X-Large
Ruger P-93 Large Long
Ruger P-94 Large Long
Ruger P-95 Large Long
Ruger P-97 Large Long
Ruger P-345 XL-3
Ruger P-345 w/TLR6 X-Large
Ruger Security 9 Large Long
Ruger SP101 J-Frame
Ruger SR 22 Large
Ruger SR 40 XL-3
Ruger SR40c XL Short 2
Ruger SR45c XL Short 2
Ruger SR45 Large Long
Ruger SR9 XL-3
Ruger SR9c XL Short 2