Click the size of your specific gun below to be directed to the size needed. 

Brand Gun Model Magnetic Holster Size Needed


1911 Commander 1911 Holster (by barrel length)
Ruger 9e XL-3
Ruger American 45 Full Size XL-3
Ruger American 9mm Full Size XL-3
Ruger American Compact XL Short 2
Ruger Bearcat Large
Ruger EC9 Medium
Ruger GP 100 K-Frame (by barrel length)
Ruger LC380 Medium
Ruger LC380 w/Crimson Trace Large
Ruger LCP1 Small
Ruger LCP w/Crimson Trace Small
Ruger LCP II Small
Ruger LCP II w/Crimson Trace Medium Short
Ruger LC9 Medium
Ruger LC9 w/Crimson Trace Large
Ruger LC9 w/Viridian Large
Ruger LC9s Medium
Ruger LCR (Snubnose) J-Frame
Ruger P-85 Large Long
Ruger P-89 XL-3
Ruger P-89 w/TLR6 X-Large
Ruger P-90 XL-3
Ruger P-90 w/TLR6 X-Large
Ruger P-93 Large Long
Ruger P-94 Large Long
Ruger P-95 Large Long
Ruger P-95 DAO Large Long
Ruger P-97 Large Long
Ruger P-345 XL-3
Ruger P-345 w/TLR6 X-Large
Ruger Security 9 Large Long
Ruger SP101 (Snubnose) J-Frame
Ruger SR 22 Large
Ruger SR 40 XL-3
Ruger SR 40c XL Short 2
Ruger SR 45 XL-3
Ruger SR 45c XL Short 2
Ruger SR 9 XL-3
Ruger SR 9c XL Short 2