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RELIC Series Paddle OWB Holster

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Announcing The New RELIC Paddle OWB Holster

Not all paddle holsters are of the same quality. Some barely stay on the belt when the gun is drawn, and with enough pull, can come right out with the gun. Settling for one of those for any reason can be downright dangerous.

Our new patent pending RELIC Paddle Holsters are designed to stay put no matter how hard they’re pulled on, and the difference is in the overall design of the holster, itself. To prevent it from coming out when pulled or yanked on, the paddle has teeth that are made to hook onto clothing to keep it in place. But that’s not even the real difference ...

… each RELIC Paddle Holster stitches Grade A Hermann Oak Leather to the interior of a molded, US-Made Boltaron polymer shell. The RELIC Paddle Holster (shown above) is a functional masterpiece that is designed to be a tactically silent outside the waistband holster (OWB) that is available in hundreds of different gun models.

So, whether you’re in the market for a holster to carry your Smith & Wesson Shield or are in need of a Browning Hi Power holster, we’ve got you covered, no matter what.

We made a commitment to only use the highest quality materials in our holsters at every stage, which is why we use Grade A Hermann Oak Leather to protect your gun’s finish and Boltaron Polymer which is stronger and more temperature resistant than any of the other plastics used in holsters.

Each Paddle Holster features

  • Strong Boltaron Exterior Shell

  • Soft, quiet Hermann Oak Interior lining

  • Safe, non-collapsible design

  • Ability to provide years of use

  • Immovable paddle

Isn’t it about time you carried your chosen gun in a holster you could trust? Order your RELIC Paddle OWB Holster, today.

This is a custom made to order product - Please allow 7-14 days for item to ship. 

These are custom made to order and and are not eligible for exchange or return so please ensure correct sizing when ordering.
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15 Reviews

Will Jan 11th 2022

Best Paddle Holster I’ve Used

This paddle holster quite honestly surprised me. I’ve been a huge Galco fan for my entire pistol carrying life (and before thanks to Die Hard and LA Heat) but their paddle holster would grind into my hip bone after a few hours. I have yet to experience any discomfort with the Relic. The leather used is gorgeous and elegant plus the holster keeps the pistol in tight to the body for concealability (another often overlooked issue with a paddle setup). Time will tell if this holster’s paddle stays as comfortable as my Blackhawk paddle but so far I’ve loved it so much I haven’t even tried carrying the Relic tuckable IWB holster I got as well. Keep up the great designs JM4. Although I just got the black color the other available colors look slick as well.

David C. Aug 22nd 2021

Relic IWB in Black

Like many gun owners I have bought several high end holsters in search of one that is well made, well designed and most importantly, comfortable. While each of the holsters I bought were serviceable, after repeated usage each one in some way disappointed, either on comfort or quality. Then, 18 months ago I ordered a JM4 Tactical Relic Series IWB for my Walther PPQ subcompact 9 mm. After 18 months of daily carry, I can unequivocally state that for me, I don’t think that there is a better holster to be found on the market anywhere. The Herman Oak leather used is without a doubt top quality and the pistol fits perfectly with great retention. I was concerned with the clip placement but I quickly learned that that placement was ideal and it allows for on-the-fly cant adjustment. I live in a southern state with hot, humid weather for most of the year and after 18 months of daily carry it still looks out of the box new. The most important category, comfort, is where this holster really excels. It is by far the most comfortable holster I ever owned. Great workmanship, great quality materials, great design, and extremely comfortable. Can’t ask for more than that.

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