RELIC Series Holster: 1 Month Later

I was a bit late to the RELIC Series game, mainly because I liked the Original holster so much I didn’t want to change it up. However, I have been trying to reassess my carry situation and that required me to purchase a different firearm than I had before for my concealed carry. Because of the size, carry location and caliber were all different, I needed to get a new holster, so I decided to go with a RELIC, to see how it went. I have been wearing it religiously all day, and every outing for the last 30 days, and wanted to provide a review for those wondering if this is the right one for you.

Fit and Finish:

So I got a black RELIC Series holster, designed for appendix carry, with an RMR cut as I plan on putting on an optic eventually. The fit of the firearm in the holster is superb, with incredibly good retention. The outside finish is incredibly well done, and I carry it usually next to bare skin as I don’t typically have an undershirt. I have had no chaffing, rubbing, or discoloration, and that is with me carrying it with a heavy pack, in very hot and humid conditions and no issues at all. The stitching is very well done and is holding up to the abuse. The belt clip is solid and fits my belt, has pretty good tension so it stays on the belt when I draw. The heel of the holster that is up against the body covers up past the back of the firearm, thus preventing any rubbing of metal or polymer on my skin.


As I said the holster fits my firearm like a glove, whereas the Original fits more like a tight sleeve. With that there is usually a concern, especially with KYDEX, that there will be rubbing on the actual firearm which will cause wear on the slide and potentially damage the coating on the firearm. That has not happened with either of my holsters at all. As stated these holsters are literally designed to hug your firearm, and it does a great job. My first leather holster when I started carrying had another issue, it would hold in all of the moisture from my sweat and caused some surface rust on the slide and barrel bushing (1911) on my blued firearm. With the separate pieces of this holster it does allow for breathing and thus I have not found any issues whatsoever, despite me being in a much hotter and much more humid environment.


I am new to the appendix carry as up until recently I was much heavier, and this to me it was more uncomfortable, something that I think was also holster related as well. The RELIC Series holster I got was specifically for carrying in that style, and while I am still trying to figure out how to do it and drive that way, it carries very comfortably with no printing. My carry choice is not a sub compact, so I was worried about carrying in this position but the holster tucks everything away incredibly well, and also protects my most important body parts from unneeded jostling.


If I have to choose a holster from any manufacturer, I would absolutely have no issues with getting a custom fit from JM4, especially the RELIC. If I had to choose between the Original and the RELIC, I would focus on where and when you are carrying, but this holster is incredibly comfortable and very well made. Absolutely worth the investment.

Author: Ian Bolser